Bonus Points For Business Spending

by : homebusinessreview

If traveling is an integral part of your business, then the combination of Continental Airlines and MasterCard's small business card might be a perfect fit. Most small businesses find that in order to make moves critical to the growth and expansion of their business, they need to make some extra investment of capital. Office supplies need to be purchased on a regular basis, items need to be purchased over the Internet, employee training sessions need to be paid for, and business trips need to be funded. Applying for a small business credit card will assist you in all the financial needs of your business without costing the extra fees that banks may charge if you use a business account.

The Continental Airlines Business MasterCard has several advantages over other small business credit cards. The most obvious advantage is that MasterCard and Continental Airlines offer the special bonus miles when you purchase items using this card, a significant partnership between major companies. This can come in very handy if you or your employees fly a lot on business trips. You will begin to accrue your miles right away; the first purchase you make with your card will mean you automatically receive 15,000 bonus miles. After this initial welcome gift, you can expect to earn bonus miles on a regular basis. When you use your card to purchase tickets directly from continental, you will receive double the miles on the dollar. With the MasterCard partnership program you can also double your miles when you make purchases at over 10,000 restaurants across both the United States and Canada. The Continental Airlines Business MasterCard even offers users the opportunity to triple their miles through registering at their rewards site.

Most credit cards that combine with airline programs come with several restrictions and caveats attached, not to mention very high APR and no introductory period. With the Continental Airlines Business MasterCard, you are entitled to a six billing cycle introduction period for which the APR is only 7.99%. After the introductory period expires, APR goes up to 18.34%. There is also an annual fee attached to this card; users of this card are asked to pay $75 a year for its use. Fortunately, there is no limit on how many miles you can accrue, nor will your miles expire after a certain length of time.

Those small business owners who wish to consolidate their company spending can also apply for additional cards for their employees. Instead of using their own cards for office supplies and then applying for reimbursement, all of your expenses can be put onto one card to which you will have easy access through quarterly and annual reports as well as consolidated spending reports. Any miles your employees gain through the use of their additional cards will count towards your own total.

The Continental Airlines Business MasterCard offers even more advantages to those users who are also card members. Discounts are offered, and of course all of the benefits of being on the team, such as earning points through purchases made from Continental and Sky Team alliance partners. This business card offers all the protection you would expect from a leading small business card; users are protected against fraud, emergency services and card replacement services are continually available, and you can also use the card to purchase additional travel insurance.