Discovering The Advanta Platinum BusinessCard with Rewards

by : homebusinessreview

As the owner of a small business, you know the many different transactions that are required on a weekly basis in order to ensure that your business is fulfilling its potential. From small purchases such as office supplies, to medium purchases such as furniture and equipment, to large expenditures such as individual travel for yourself or paying for training sessions for your employees, you know that growing your business requires a significant investment of capital. There are some circumstances where you simply do not want to use your business account in order to secure the funds necessary for investing in your business. This is the perfect application of the business credit card.

Business credit cards are a way to make sure that you always have the funds available that you need for your business. Using a business credit card means that all of your business transactions are available to be monitored through one source, making them that much easier to control. From MasterCard comes the credit card that has been recommended by the Smart Money company for all your small business needs, the Advanta Platinum Businesscard with Rewards.

This card offers some of the most attractive rates available in a business credit card. To start with, this rewards card is specially designed for use in business and offers a much longer introductory period than most other business credit cards. While many cards offer a 0% APR for the first year, this particular rewards card offers new cardholders an introductory period of 15 months, with 0% APR. After the introductory period has ended, the Advanta Platinum Businesscard with Rewards still offers an incredibly competitive APR when compared to other business credit cards of only 7.99%. There is also no annual fee charged to users of this rewards card for small business.

If you have outstanding debts with a higher APR business credit card, the Advanta Platinum Businesscard with Rewards offers an attractive consolidation solution. Keep track of all your outstanding debt using one card, with one balance. This card charges 0% APR on balance transfers for the first 16 months, an incredible deal when compared with other major business credit cards.

Finally, the Advanta Platinum Businesscard with Rewards offers its users the option of choosing between either Cash Back rebates or enrollment in the Travel Rewards program. Both programs offer 5% of your purchase price towards the program (5% cash back on purchases made with the card or 5% of the purchase price credited towards the Travel Rewards program). It is important to note that only $300 in Cash Back can be earned by the user of the card within the billing year. Cash Back Rewards are also contingent upon the type of product purchased. For example, gasoline and office supplies (including computers) are subject to the 5% return, while purchases which fall under the category of''othe'' are subject to a 1$ return rate.

The Advanta Platinum Businesscard with Rewards includes all of the usual rates include with business credit cards, including fees of 3% on some transactions and a 20 day grace period.