Getting Business Credit With Rewards

by : homebusinessreview

Small-business owners have a lot more things to think about than what to do if they don't have enough cash flow to cover their business expenses, and OPEN from American Express appears to be the solution for small business owners' problems. OPEN offers several credit card options in order to take some of the pressure off the small-business owner as they try to make the transactions and business moves necessary in order to generate revenues and increase profits. The Business Gold Reward Card from OPEN is just one of the solutions that American Express offers to make it that much easier to turn your small business into a financial giant.

To begin with, the Business Gold Reward Card asks for no collateral to be put down during the application process either for a loan or for a line of credit. After receiving approval, you'll be charged no annual fee for the introduction period of the first 12 months. After the first year, there is a $125 annual fee on the primary card. Additional cards are also available for the use of your employees in order to consolidate and control your business spending. These additional cards (a total of nine available) also have the annual fee waived for the first year, with a $45 fee incurred each year thereafter. There is no APR on purchases.

There is no preset spending limit on your Gold Reward Card. Instead, purchases are approved based on a variety of factors including account history, credit card history, and personal resources. The Card requires payment in full each month, but cardholders are encouraged to enroll in the extended payment option, which is available upon credit card review.

Of course, when you're talking about the American Express family, you're talking about membership rewards. The Business Gold Reward Card automatically credits your account with a welcome bonus of 5000 points on your first purchase using the card. Thereafter, you can expect to receive one point for every dollar spent on your card. There are additional bonuses available as you use your card, including 5000 points when you reach $20,000 in spending, 20,000 bonus points for reaching $50,000 in spending, 10,000 points upon the renewal of your card after one year, and 60,000 points available if you spent an average of $5,000 a month upon your credit card.

As you can see, Reward Card holders have the advantage of seeing their points accumulate very quickly. Use your points to team up with other participating members in the membership rewards program including AT&T and Hertz. There are literally dozens of other hotels, airlines, and entertainment businesses that redeem membership reward points.

Finally, the Business Gold Reward Card will allow you access to all the American Express customer care options available. These options include the 24-hour, seven-day-a week helpline should you have any concerns with your credit card, insurance protection for your card, and the opportunity to interact with other small-business experts in order to pose questions and gain insight into running a small business. The emergency services program offers speedy help in the event you need a card replaced, a check cashed, and to assist with hotel check-in.