Why Connoisseurs Choose A Burr Coffee Grinder

by : boarticles

Wouldn't you like your coffee the way it was meant to be? The best way to get the real thing is by using a burr coffee grinder.

You may have thought that all coffee grinders are alike; as long as they grind the coffee that's all there is to it right? Wrong! It makes a big difference to your taste buds. There are two key types of coffee bean grinder and you want to be sure to make the right choice. You see, blade coffee grinders have spinning blades that generate heat by the friction of blade hitting coffee bean at high speed. That's not good. It's actually rather sad because the heat kills the flavoids in your coffee beans. We love those flavoids, in fact some of us are addicted to them, so we will do everything we can to preserve them. We will therefore only consider the burr coffee grinder here as our quest is for the perfect cup of java.

With the burr grinder, the coffee beans are loaded into a holding hopper which feeds them into the bean grinding mechanism, or burrs as they are known. They are then ground slowly which ensures the best results. The ground coffee is then directed into a holding pot ready for brewing. There are also some models that will send your ground coffee directly into the coffee filter.

The main advantage of a burr coffee grinder is that it delivers a more consistent fineness of grain in the coffee grounds which is very important in achieving the most flavor from the brewing process. Another advantage is the slower operating speed which protects the coffee beans from heat buildup as they are being ground.

You really must go for the trifecta to create the quintessential cup of coffee. That is the best roasted coffee beans plus the best grinding process plus the best brewing procedure. Oh yes and it's also important to use the coffee grinds within two weeks as our good friends the flavoids start to deteriorate with time.

So if you're over the instant 'plastic coffee' syndrome, get yourself a burr coffee grinder and start enjoying the sensual aromas of a real 'caught in the moment' experience. You can pick up a great deal on a burr coffee grinder from the many coffee specialty stores online. So if you're convinced that the burr is the way to go, then it's time to do some product comparison research. I think you will find that the added expense of a burr coffee grinder will pay dividends for years to come. After all, this is an investment in your lifestyle, not just a cup of coffee.