Symptoms and Cure For Eczema

by : hunter

Eczema is a very big problem for teenagers because they're the age group that is most prone to their pores becoming clogged. Eczema is a condition in which your skin becomes irritated, red and itchy. Atopic eczema is the most common form and doctors don't know exactly why it shows up in the first place.

This skin condition is genetic in a way because most people that have it have family members with eczema. It is most likely inherited genetically but it isn't contagious. So, if you have it, you can't give it to someone by touching or hugging them. Many people have eczema; it's a fairly common skin problem that doctors see often.

People that have eczema may have allergies that worsen its symptoms. If you suffer from allegories to pet dander, dust or mildew, they might trigger an eczema episode in your skin. But, avoiding these allergens is a very hard thing to do. But, do the best that you can to help prevent a severe case of eczema.

The symptoms of this skin disease aren't easy to miss. First, your skin will start to feel hot and very itchy. Then, if you begin to scratch or scrape your skin, it will blister or become every more red. Your skin will feel dry, scaly and very rough after this.

If you have these symptoms, visit your doctor. He or she will be able to diagnosis your rash or rough patches as eczema and provide treatment for you. You will probably want to see a dermatologist because they specialize in skin disorders.

Your dermatologist might give you creams, pills or both to take to clear up your eczema, depending on how severe your case is. This should help clear up the red, itchy patches in no time. There is no cure of eczema but you can try to avoid an outbreak by washing with hypoallergenic soaps, detergents and face washes. Ask your doctor for other ways to keep your skin feeling soft and eczema free.