Are There Really Benefits of Music Education?

by : Tony Bancroft

Despite serious reductions in funding for arts programs in public schools, there is a great need for studying music. Band, orchestra, and choir all offer students a chance to work together in a social and intellectual group setting and excel at complex tasks.

The trick for parents is to enroll their children in high quality programs and assist them in purchasing high quality instruments. There are indeed many benefits to be realized from a musical education and a quick reference guide is listed below.

Playing a Musical Instrument Can

  • Help your child devel op a commitment to excellence

  • Help your child develop self-esteem

  • Provide an opportunity for your child to experience self-expression, creativity, and heightened achievement

  • Engage the imagination

  • Contribute to a balanced, positive, challenging, and stimulating education

  • Prepare your child for other stages of development and participation in society by fostering dedication and sensitivity

  • Increase your child’s brain development, math abilities, and higher thinking skills

  • Help your child develop perseverance when things are looking bleak and hopeless

  • Raise your child’s awareness

  • Expand your child’s knowledge

  • Help your child develop mind and body coordination

  • Contribute to your child’s spiritual growth

  • Help your child develop teamwork skills

  • Be a source of great fun!