The Sentimental Meaning Of Flowers

by : Gina Stathopoulos

For me certain types of flowers bring back a flood of memories. I remember in my early teens visiting my best friend who had moved to the country. We would spend hours in the field next to her property, talking and picking the petals of daisies in a game played by many, he-loves-me, he-loves-me-not.

This memory can rushing back two days ago when I was waiting in line at the supermarket and happened to glance at the bouquets for sale. Amongst the mixed bouquets, there were daisies. This flower has special meaning in my heart. I associate it with my best friend who I lost to a car accident when we were both 17.

Flowers definitely bring an emotional response and we remember our happy and sad times through them.

The first time I inhaled the sweet fragrance of a carnation I was enthralled. It happened when my father, took us to Greece to visit his parents. As a 7 year old, this strange land captivated me. I vividly remember my first response when we made our way up the hill where my grandparents’ house was, to find myself staring up at the handing grapes from the porch roof and the carnations which were planted along the edge of the porch.

Blood red, I can still recall their sweet aroma. They were the pride and joy of my grandmother who nurtured them and allowed me to help care for them. I had been instantly impressed by this glorious flower, not having seen it before.

If you are a woman, most of your flower memories may be romantic ones. Can you recall the first time you received flowers? Or the time when you were impressed the most with your date's thoughtfulness?

The first time I received flowers was at the early stages of the internet. I loved meeting and chatting with people from around the world and one such person was Rowan from London. We hit it off right away and till this day have remained good friends.

I was at work when a courier came in with a gigantic bouquet of flowers. When the receptionist came into my office to usher me to the reception not for a minute did I think they were for me. But they were. The gesture was so unexpected, so thoughtful, it will remain in my heart forever.

What are your flower memories?