$12 And 90 Minutes To Change Your Life

by : Kate Hufstetler

Have you ever listened to self hypnosis tapes? Or listened repeatedly to certain music that carried a specific message? Or what about, have you attended weekly services within a specific religious venue?

What do all of these have in common? They influence and change your thinking and paradigm over time to whatever it is they espouse.

James Allen wrote “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he". What we continually dwell on—consciously and unconsciously is what will shape our thoughts and the world in which we operate. That is why optimism allows some in poverty to believe they have a wonderful life. And another person in the same home, living the same conditions - yet suffering from a pessimistic attitude, will hate and struggle within their circumstances.

Self-hypnosis tapes work on our subconscious when we are relaxed so that we do not fight the message, nor answer it in our minds with refuting negativity as we overcome obstacles that we need help with. Music, repeatedly heard, eventually floats through our minds almost unnoticed. Its message—beyond just lyrics, begins to be woven within our ideology and outlook. There are enough news reports of teens over the years acting out in alignment with what artists call “just music". And there are as many within religious organizations that call upon inspirational music as what carried them over through rough times. Also, between scriptures, sermons, classes and books… those within any religious setting begin to shape their lives according to the basic tenants and premises of that line of thought.

But what about you?? You have goals, dreams, ideas too. You have things you wish to accomplish, things you wish to strive to. You have ideas about the way you want to feel when living on target. So how can we take a clue from programming in the three situations above to allow YOU – yourself, to begin to program your own destiny?

Perhaps you have heard of the technique of writing down your goals daily in order to bring them into reality. Well that works well if you are one of society that learns through writing and visualization. We all learn in different ways. I have tried this method without much success mostly because I am not a visual or written only learner. And partly because I forget to keep at it day after day.

Good news!! I have found something that will work for those of us who learn audibly—through our hearing. Assuming that you are totally technology free in your home (which would be rare) all this will cost you is $12 and 90 minutes of your time. For $12 you can go to Walmart and pick up a small tape recorder with the capacity to record tapes. And also buy at least 1 low quality tape holding 90 minutes of possible record time on it. This will be fantastic to start. That is really all it takes to move you into a GREAT life that you design.

What you will do is make a list off all you goals—in EVERY area of your life. Then I want you to load up the tape recorder and read your goals into that recorder. Read them as if your goals have been accomplished “ I own a beach house on the east coast" , “all my debt is paid off", “I guest lecture twice a year" , “I have 42 motorcycles in my new display show room" etc. Whatever it is you want for work, leisure, love, retirement, etc! List them and read them. Then go back to the top of your list and keep re-reading them until you have finished a whole side. Then do it again for the other side.

A few suggestions—do this when you are having a great day! You want your voice to be happy, not down. Also, record on both sides of the tape so that when one side is done you do not have to rewind. This way, the next time you are ready to play it you simply turn it over and hit play.

Does it work? Well, I myself did a tape this past summer. I used to just play it as background noise while I would work on the computer, or while doing dishes or folding laundry. I lost it about a month ago when my son shuffled a bunch or our tapes and such around. I found it this past weekend and played it.

Guess what???

Several of the things I speak about on the tape are WELL on their way to becoming current reality!! From the types of people I wanted to begin getting more involved with, to specific speaking engagements, to simple things like the opportunity for a specific extra curricular activity for my son which “ironically" became available at his after school care program. That one is amazing because they haven’t offered it before and not only will it be offered.. but it will be twice a week like I said on the tape. Those are just a few of the examples. But there isn’t anything on there that has not begun. I will be honest and tell you there were a few things that did come into my reality and I have changed my mind now after having the opportunity to try them out. But every item has at least begun for me in less than 4 months.

We bring into our reality that which we focus on! So if you are a very busy person, as most of us are, this is a GREAT way to program your mind towards the achievement of your goals. The cost is minor- from scratch it is only $12 and 90 minutes to begin living a life by design and not by default.

Until next time—all the best,