Snoring: A State Of Deprived Sleep For Others

by : kevinp

The person who is sleeping next to a snorer doesn't have an easy job dealing with the terrible sounds day in and out. It is a serious medical condition, which can be treated very easily by common and easy household methods.

These loud and obnoxious sounds can make your life a real hell which may also lead into a gruesome battle of divorce. So to avoid any such problems take care of your health which directly affects your snoring. Even though it seems harmless or benign it may sure be sign of some very conflicting health problems.

Many suffer from this kind of condition, especially adults. This occurs when the muscles are relaxed and collapsed causing a blockage in the airway. Depending on the obstruction to the airway, the sound may vary accordingly.

Snoring happens when there is a nasal blockage during the time of cold. As you happen to breathe with your mouth this leads to an ever irritating snoring. These can also happen due to allergies which can get your nose blocked.

Some of the other reasons due to which you are under a snore attack is by being overweight which narrows the air passage and causing difficulty in breathing, drinking too much alcohol which relaxes the tongue and throat muscles causing blockage of air and helping in development of snores.

It may also be caused due to sleep apnea which is one of the serious conditions of snoring. In this types of snoring there is stoppage of breathe sometimes for a longer period which depletes oxygen in the blood and brain leaving you with loud snorts.

It has come to notice that snoring can lead to increase in diabetes. This can be justified because when we snore there is lack of oxygen causing your body to produce more catecholamine which in turn leads to insulin resistance, a very common substance for diabetes.

Surgeries can be done to get rid of these snores. In the market there are pills which are being used to help you get rid of snores. There are snore-reduction pillows too, which help you reduce snoring. You can also manage with a 3-minute exercise which will help you get rid of the snoring.

To avoid snoring do some of the things which may benefit you all your life
-Trying loosing weight
-Have a regular sleeping pattern
-Try to sleep on your side
-Avoid alcohol at least fours before you sleep
-Raise the level of your bed
-Avoid chocolates or cakes (high-calorie food) before going to bed
-Give breathing space to your stomach, have a light dinner
-Stop smoking completely
-You can take up singing, as it may tone the back muscles of your throat
-Have 2 cups of hot Chinese tea just 1 or 2 hours before you sleep