Family Matters

by : Rosalyn Bronstein

Since the escalation of international terrorist activity a few years ago, many of us have had an opportunity to re-evaluate relationships and reflect upon our lives. This can be a very difficult, and sometimes wrenching thing to do, but a necessary activity. Making this sort of emotional assessment takes us back to our core values. It helps us to appreciate the people who have touched our lives in positive ways.

Who you are is a reflection of the people you have been around, in conjunction with circumstances and environment. These are usually family and friends – those who care about your physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare Having a support system is an important aspect of developing a strong psyche.

Have you ever wondered why a particular person has come into your life? Perhaps there’s a life lesson for you to learn – compassion, patience, trust, dependability, etc., that was not possible to experience any other way We frequently meet people who are destined to be pivotal to us through another contact. Being open to these opportunities can create an enriching endeavour.

Having relationships is all about making emotional commitments to people we care about. Studies have shown that those who are truly happiest are those with strong connections to the people they love. Even money becomes secondary in this situation. People who have been pronounced clinically dead and then revived have almost universally said that their most significant experience during the episode was understanding the importance of loving others.