You Need A Smoke

by : scubaman

You've waited for weeks to see the movie. The screen flickers with the picture and you sip on your soft drink, dipping a hand into the popcorn every so often. You feel at peace, totally relaxed, and the movie is everything you expected it to be.

You finish the last of the popcorn and realize you need a smoke. The urge to have a cigarette strikes every time you eat. You glance at the screen mournfully one last time before getting up and exiting the theatre to have your all important cigarette.

A few days after the movie theatre incident, you manage to set yourself up a date. You decide to take her to a fancy restaurant that you've heard good things about. The date goes well, and you sit contentedly after dinner, listening as your date tells you about her day.

You need a smoke. The urge grips you in its iron fist and your date's voice falls away into nothingness. She's still chattering on, but you're eyeing the door longingly. You excuse yourself, to your date's dismay, and exit the restaurant to have your cigarette.

Later, you wonder why your date never returned your calls.

During all of these incidents, and many others like them, you try to ignore the fact that your smoking habit is playing havoc with your life.

How can you have a good social life when you're constantly catering to your addiction? You're forced to smoke outside, when in public. You feel like less of a person, and other people give you odd looks when they see you standing outside in the freezing cold, just to have a few more drags of your cigarette.

What's worse, you have to hide your smell. The smell of cigarette smoke hangs about you in a cloud. People cringe from the stink, and your nicotine stained teeth have gotten worse over the years, so that now they are immediately noticeable when you smile.

Your self confidence plummets. You no longer can climb a flight of stairs without puffing for breath, even though you are only thirty seven years old. Even the tips of your fingers and the hairs of your moustache are stained a perpetual yellow colour.

Years later, you look back at all the missed opportunities. Smoking has prevented you from living your life to its fullest.

Although this sad story is fictional, it's happening all over North America. The instances may be different, but the result is the same. More and more, people who smoke are being ostracized from society.