How To Make An Electric Wheelchair Happier

by : inkbottle

Are you an electric wheelchair user looking to improve your wheel chair so you can enjoy it more? Many people might rush right out and buy a new one if they didn't like one they have, but you don't have to be dissatisfied with yours... here are some ways to make it better! Accessorizing your electric wheelchair may not be the answer, but it could help you solve some of the challenges you face in using it. As well, if you can double the life of your wheel chair with just a few inexpensive accessories, isn't it worth it? Let's look at ways that users can improve their electric wheelchairs performance.

Upgrade the tires. If use your electric wheelchair mainly indoors (for example, you live in an apartment complex and rarely need to go outside), then slick tires might be okay but they can tend to provide a harder ride. All season's are better because they have improved cushioning support. If you have knobby tires on your wheelchair right now, then you might find that the noise can be very loud and that you go through tires fairly regularly. Knobby tires are appropriate if you spend a lot of your time outside - and especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow or mud. A simple tire change could improve your chair's performance and actually REDUCE costs.

If you have been unhappy with the length of time that your battery will operate for, consider carrying an extra battery (if they are not too heavy) or getting a solar powered charger so that you don't find yourself stranded halfway home from a day of shopping! Additional accessories include such items as mesh bags, a tray, an umbrella holder, a cup holder, and back and seat cushions. Each of these will improve your comfort level. There are so many things you can add to your wheelchair to make it more useful to you!

Another valuable accessory that you may want to consider is a portable ramp. Ramps are becoming increasingly portable and lightweight, allowing you to carry some of them (which are about the size of a suitcase). This will allow you to get around more easily if the city where you live has not yet "caught up" with the times and completed wheel chair compliant sidewalks and curbs. Another consideration if you are thinking of switching your wheelchair for another wheelchair is the furniture and appliances in your house. If you switch wheelchairs and one is taller than the other, you'll notice that difference every time you try to work at the stove or the counter or your desk.

Lastly, you may want to go in and get it tuned up. If you are feeling any dissatisfaction with your wheel chair, it could simply be the result of it running too might need a thorough cleaning and a tune up and you'll find that it runs smoother. End result? A happy user again.