Drink Water To Stop Those Nicotine Cravings

by : kensnow

A common phrase about quitting smoking is that it is easier said than done. In the same way, it is simple to blame someone who smokes or to ask that they break the habit. As a reality check, consider asking someone who has stopped smoking how difficult it was for him/her. The answer you receive may aid in helping you understand the intense amount of effort that goes into the process of stopping smoking.

Among those who have already quit the habit, the urge to smoke just one more is always present. People have occasional urges to smoke even after they have successfully quit smoking for years. Unfortunately, there are many who have successfully quit smoking who go back to smoking because they couldn't stay away from the temptation to smoke. It is a shame to go back to the beginning, considering what a smoker goes through to quit smoking in the first place. Those urges, such as when a friend offers you a cigarette, should be curbed as quickly as possible.

There are fortunately simple and cheap methods for curbing the craving. For example, drinking water is thought to help people overcome their craving for a cigarette. This especially helps newly abstained smokers curb cravings during the first few weeks. Those who have smoked for a long period of time become accustomed to nicotine, which is a very strong drug. During the time when an individual quits smoking or is in the process of quitting, the craving for nicotine is strong. The body is accustomed to being on nicotine on a regular basis. The drug must be flushed out of the system; using water can be very effective in doing this. The greater the consumption of water, the greater is the elimination of toxins.

On average, those who have strong urges to smoke should double their consumption of water. More practical is the gradual reduction in the amount of tobacco a person smokes. This method allows the body to become accustomed to reduced use of nicotine on a continual basis. Quitting smoking suddenly upsets the body and cravings that result often create more withdrawal symptoms. One common symptom of withdrawal is having a headache.

If you must quit smoking, but have given into the urge to smoke, it isn't necessary to feel guilty. Simply gulp down 3 to 4 glasses of water in order to rid your body of the nicotine toxins. Make a new resolve not to give in to another urge. When the urge is high, try to stay away from it. Gulp a few glasses of water instead and remind yourself to avoid adding more toxins to your body.