Natural Source:Ozone Air Purifiers

by : rsbombard

It has been documented that breathing of impure air is a major cause of several respiratory problems. With cases of asthma and other related conditions on a steady incline, people are realizing the importance of having pure air to breathe. Consequently, the air purifying industry has also witnessed a steady growth, with sales now crossing $100 million annually. There are several air purifiers available in the market. These would include ionic air purifier, HEPA air purifier, etc. more recently there has been a new addition to the list. It is the ozone air purifier.

The very mention of ozone reminds us of the ozone layer and the protection it offers us against ultraviolet emission. But ozone is a unique element in the sense the way it is composed. It comprises of three atoms of oxygen. The extra oxygen atom however can readily detach itself from the remaining two and combine with the atoms of other substances forming a new compound. The remaining two atoms get transformed to oxygen. This is the very concept ozone air purifiers use to purify the air. What ozone air purifiers basically do is release a gaseous plasma which is rich in ozone content. Now the extra oxygen atom reacts with the contaminants in the air. The rest of it is released as oxygen, automatically purifying the air.

The good thing about ozone air purifiers is that these devices do not actually draw in air to purify it. There is no concept of a centralized filter. This helps to purify large areas with a single device.

Indoor air pollution is proving to be a big health hazard. Studies show that indoor air is about 2 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. Breathing in such impure air can lead to several respiratory problems including asthma. It also may induce allergic reactions and lack of sound sleep.

Ozone air purifier is tackling the whole problem in a unique way. They don't purify the air as such. But just by increasing the levels of oxygen, which is a natural purifier, the ozone air purifier tackles the entire situation.

However there have been suggestions too that ozone air purifiers might actually be doing more harm to us than good. Ozone by itself is not good for our health. So if we breathe in ozone form the purifiers we might be in for trouble. Debate on this topic still continues.