Medicine Remedies:HEPA Air Purifiers

by : rsbombard

Till date the most advanced air filtration system that has been devised for commercial purpose is the High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter system popularly known just as HEPA. The HEPA filtration system is claimed to capture 99.97% of anything above 0.3 microns in size that remains suspended in air. Now to get an idea of how small micron is we can compare it to the width of human hair. A human hair is about 100 microns thick. So you can well imagine how effective HEPA filtration is.

Though we don't realize too often, the air we breathe in is generally full of contaminants. Air inside our homes or offices contain impurities like chemicals, allergens, pollutants, gas, smoke, dust mites, etc. invisible to the eye in most cases, we hardly have a clue as to how much harm we are causing to our health. In fact our respiratory tract, which includes the nose, sinus and lungs are at constant war wit such contaminants. The ailments polluted air in our homes can be responsible of include anything from asthma to allergies to headache. HEPA purifiers can be a solution to all those struggling millions who suffer from one form of respiratory ailment or the other.

HEPA air purifiers can add that extra zing to your life. First of all you stay healthier, and have more energy to expend. Consequently you can work more efficiently and be more creative at your work. When you come home at the end of the day, you will also be enjoying a sound sleep. In a way a HEPA air purifier can actually change the way you live your life.

One drawback for HEPA purifiers is that they generally produce quite a lot of sound when they are working. This can be irritating for some. In fact there are those who prefer ionic air purifiers to HEPA ones since they emit no sound. Ionic air purifiers can afford to do so since they work in a different way. HEPA purifiers on the other hand will produce sound.

But generally those who understand the science behind HEPA will definitely consider it to be much superior to ionic air purifiers. The fact that HEPA purifiers is ore effective is further strengthened by the information that even hospitals and manufacturers' clean rooms also use them. For such places clean air is critical and they wouldn't be compromising on that.

There is little doubt that HEPA air purifiers are till date the most advanced of all air purifiers.