I Need To Stop Smoking

by : scubaman

What smoker has not at some point tried to flip a cigarette out of a closed car window? There you are, trying to fish it out of your lap without burning yourself or the seat, and even worse, trying to maintain control of the vehicle if you are the driver. The only consolation in this case is that maybe you are the only one in the car witnessing the crazy antics.

Combined with the times your cigarette has accidentally dropped off a balcony, singed your good clothes, or almost set your long hair ablaze, you may be starting to realize how lucky you are that these incidents have not yet resulted in much greater damage and cost to you or someone else. Is it time to quit smoking? You are not alone, each day thousands of people make the decision to quit, and succeed.

The decision to quit smoking can be successful, if you have will power, determination, and for many it helps if you have something to replace the cigarettes with. From alternate sources of nicotine, to the real or imagined reward of being able to kiss someone without tasting like smoke, there are many different methods that have helped people make this transition.

Whether you decide to stop smoking for the sake of your own health, or out of concern for your loved ones, there are many resources available to help you quit. Patches, gum, herbal cigarettes, toothpicks, straws or cinnamon sticks have all been found useful by some former smokers. Others recommend learning an instrument, meditation or hypnosis. Because smoking involves physiological, habitual and psychological factors, you can approach quitting from any of these directions, or ideally, some combination.

If you turn to snacking, remember to choose healthy snacks to avoid gaining weight and trading one unhealthy habit for another. Sunflower seeds, carrot sticks, licorice, pretzels or unbuttered popcorn are all relatively low-fat snacks to soothe your oral fixation. Other healthy replacements include drinking water, going for some exercise, or distracting yourself with some mental or physical activity. While many of the tricks used involve keeping your mouth busy, some find it equally important to occupy their hands with something, from a stress ball to playing cards, or knitting.

For additional help, do some browsing online, learn from others, join a support group, check out an anti-smoking agency, and evaluate your options. What works for some does nothing for others, but you are sure to find a method to quit smoking that works for you. Cold turkey or slow and gradual, do not give up. Better health for you and an improved quality of life for you and your loved ones is in sight.