Classification of Drug Addictive Substances

by : rsbombard

The substances which are commonly used by us for energizing our system like caffeine in coffee and tannin tea contain some stimulatory effect. Still they are not classified under illegal drugs because their action on our body is not as pronounced as other life taking drugs.

Children get easily impressed and influenced as they are nave, less experienced and cocooned by us. Hence they easily fall prey to the external pressures and create problem hampering their physical and mental activity. We routinely find changes in their attitudes in the form of lying, stealing etc. Usually we neglect and bypass the issue imagining it to be irrelevant and a one off case. This careless and negligent attitude of ours can cost us heavily in the long run.

Some medicines like valium, laxatives and codeine prescribed for their curative effect were later on found to be harmful to human health on prolonged use. Hence any drug helpful to us for a certain condition should not be over used without the consultation of physician. Certain substances when taken in limit are not considered as addictives. Some herbal medicine contain stimulant and excessive use is hazardous to health.

The common legal drug substances available over the counter include

-Medical prescriptions like analgesics, steroid, tranquilizers, barbiturates etc.

-Caffeine in coffee and nicotine of smoking item like cigars and cigarettes etc.

-Inhalant like nail polish and gasoline etc.

-Alcoholic beverages.
Many other substances are categorized by the legal system and Food and Drug Administration, FDA, as injurious to human health. The up dating of the bad effects of substances should be conducted. This can be achieved by experiment and census taken from the intake of drug and their effect on the general population.

The deadlier and illegal drug substances which are stolen into the market and are used by drug abusers include- Morphine, ketamine and opiates usually land up in the hands of medical professionals as they are freely used by them. The misuse of drug for the purpose of abuse in clinics and hospitals is illegal and should be brought to the notice of authorities.

The most commonly used drug in U.S.A is marijuana. Along with it the drugs cocaine, heroin and hashish are taken by the drug abusers.

Hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and PCP, designer drug like MDMA, party drugs like GHB are easily available in pubs and parties.

According to their sphere of action the drugs are classified as follows

-Narcotics/ Analgesic opiates, heroin, morphine etc.

-Psychomotor stimulant Amphetamine, cocaine, nicotine, methylxanthine etc.

-Hallucinogen LSD, mescaline, phencyclidine etc

-Central depressant Barbiturate, alcohol etc.

-Anxiolytic Benzodiazepines and other sedatives.

Thus we come across a wide range of substances which can produce addiction to such an extent that the return from their abuse is quite a difficult task. Try to keep away from drugs which have severe side effects so as to become life threatening.