The Organic Buffet

by : daf719

A new type of all you can eat buffet has emerged in the last decade, and it's not the desert bar. The organic buffet is becoming a popular place for health minded people to gather for food, and company. Many top health food grocers like Whole Foods, and Earth Fare, are testing out the concept to warm results.

It seems that the mix of fresh organic foods in a casual setting has hit a chord with customers. Many customers seem to not only enjoy the organic buffet on occasion, but rather weekly, or even daily.

There is a growing number of people who come in for a light healthy meal at lunch instead of going to a fast food joint. Many feel this is also a better
alternative than your normal "sit down" restaurant.

In many cases it is also faster if your time is limited. You can come in either sit down and have a light lunch or pick up several items and take back
to your office. You can also do a little additional grocery shopping for your evening meal that evening.

Many people have started to focus on their bodies as a temple, and thus have adjusted their diets to help make their bodies more pure. The scope of organic style diets can be as small as enjoying organic fruits and vegetables every now, and then, to being a vegan who does not eat anything that isn't organic.

With such a diverse pallet of taste that customers bring to the table, organic buffet restaurants have their hands filled trying to please everyone and still turn a profit in the process. The greatest organic buffets are those that are different than traditional buffets in food quality, but similar in diverse selection.

Many organic buffets will be skewed towards the vegan or non meat eating customers as those seem to be the most faithful followers of the trend. Therefore, you will usually see a very few meat offerings on an organic buffet with the majority of the foods being non meat based.

Many would believe the price of organic buffet foods would be higher than those of a traditional buffet, but this is not true. The prices seem to fall in line
with that of a traditional buffet. The reasoning could be that organic buffets focus on higher quality vegetables, but offer less quantities of meats.

Traditional buffets offer more meats at a less standard of quality, thus lowering the food costs. These factors balance out for about the same price at
both a traditional buffet and an organic one.