Lose Weight New Year Resolution

by : Pick_Up_The_Pace

"Resolve: To make a firm decision about" - The American Heritage Dictionary.

In 2006, I resolve.....

I resolve to exercise at least 3x per week for at least 30 minutes each session.

I resolve to lower my body fat percentage from 40% to 25% by the end of the year.

I resolve to get back into that red dress by summer.

I resolve to find a friend who will exercise with me.

I resolve to find a new friend at the gym.

I resolve to quit finding excuses to not exercise.

I resolve to talk with my doctor about my health.

I resolve to make time for me.

I resolve to never SuperSize or Biggie Size this year.

I resolve to switch from 2% milk to skim this year.

I resolve to bring vegetables to work every day instead of candy.

I resolve to take responsibility for my own health.

I resolve to hang my body fat results and measurements on the 'fridge.

I resolve to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

I resolve to go for a walk with my husband at least once each week.

I resolve to find a new, active hobby instead of watching television.

I resolve to order the 1/2 portions at restaurants.

I resolve to drink more water and less soda this year.

I resolve to accept no excuses, only results.

I resolve to start exercising again if I ever "fall off the wagon" this year.

I resolve to not let a small failure get me down. I can do it!

I resolve to stay positive this year! I can do it!

I resolve to exercise even if my friend 'drops out'.

I resolve to find 'inner' motivation this year. I'm doing this for me!

I resolve to exercise this year so I will live longer.

I resolve to be happy with myself and my body.

I resolve to make my co-workers say "Wow! What happened to you? You're so thin!"

I resolve to turn heads this year with my new shape/size/body.

I resolve to look darn good for a _____ year-old this year!

I resolve..........

I resolve to make this the year that I actually do it! No more excuses. No more reasons why I can't, because I CAN.

I have the power. I have the desire. I have the ability. I have the motivation. Nobody else can do it for me, but that's okay because I don't need anyone else to do it for me! I CAN DO IT. I AM ENOUGH. I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH! I CAN. I resolve.........