To Lose Weight You Dont Need To Count Calories

by : roxbrian

Have you found counting calories just way too time consuming and confusing? Just exactly how do you do know how many calories you have consumed each day, short of hiring a nutritional wizard to follow you around all day. This informative report can give you an insight into losing weight without counting calories.

Did you know that different foods have a different level of satiety? "Satiety" is simply a word that measures how satisfied (full) you feel after eating any food. Every food has a different "satiety" level.

What this means is that if you eat a high satiety food then you'll feel "satisfied" much faster than if you eat another food with the EXACT same number of calories. Or in other words, you'll feel "satisfied" after eating much less food per meal (so you'll lose lots of weight while still feeling satisfied after every meal).

When you eat high satiety foods you'll continue to feel satisfied for a much longer period of time after you're done eating, so you won't crave food nearly as often. While on the other hand, if you continue to eat low satiety foods then you'll continue to overeat until your stomach is bloated (and you'll get fat as a result).

You see, your brain receives signals from your stomach (and other areas of your body) after you eat something, and when it receives enough signals of "satiety" then it makes you feel "satisfied".
And if you eat the right foods then your brain is manipulated into believing that you're full much faster, thus helping you to eat less and feel satisfied.

This means that if you eat the right foods (high satiety foods) then you'll be able to eat until you feel satisfied without having to count calories, because these foods send signals to your brain that you feel "satisfied" (long before you have overeaten, and long before your stomach has filled up).

Therefore, to lose weight, you don't need to worry about counting your exact calories per day. You just need to worry about the TYPES of food eaten, and you need to begin eating foods with a high satiety rating.

Here is a quick list of foods with high satiety index scores:


When word gets around about your command of Diet facts, others who need to know about cutting edge methods of dieting will start to actively seek you out. Use your new knowledge wisely!(: