6 Steps To Avoid Getting Fat Again After You Lose Weight

by : Medifast

Many of today's magazines and web sites throw out negative weight loss statistics, such as "95% of people who lose weight gain it back." But scientific studies about why people regain weight are contradictory. Some blame genetics, but research shows that heredity is only one small factor in weight gain or loss. To answer your question, we turned it around and searched the Web for information on people who had lost weight and kept it off. By looking at these successes, we hoped to learn why others have failed.

The Take Shape for Life team of doctors uses the BeSlim Philosophy that works for the vast majority of people after they have reached their target weight.

They seem to have discovered the secrets to long-term weight loss, but these are no quick fixes. According to Dr. Wayne Andersen, "To keep lost weight off, people must change their approach to exercise and develop new habits." They've identified six behaviors common among people who've kept the weight off which embodies the BESLIM Philosophy:

1) Breakfast Every Day
High quality fuel is essential to start the day off right.

2) Exercise
Continued exercise increases metabolism, provides strength, flexibility and mental clarity.

3) Support
Mentors and coaches help you reach and maintain your goals, providing the coaching, tools, education and caring support you will need along the way.

4) Low Fat Meals
Eating 5-6 times a day frequently, controlling portion and total calories, especially those from fat, are critical for success.

5) Individual Plan
Create an Individual plan to help you achieve an optimal healthy lifestyle and build the skills and strategies people need to cope with modern life.

6) Monitor
Weigh yourself on a regular basis to maintain optimal weight. Catch it before it becomes a challenge.

So, to go back to your question, it would appear that people regain weight they've lost because they don't change the unhealthy habits that lead to the weight gain in the first place. Many people are attracted to the promise of quick, easy weight loss through fad diets that restrict certain kinds of foods or prescribe very specific food combinations. While you may lose weight initially on these regimens, they're not designed to be followed for a lifetime, nor are they healthy over the long term.

The BeSlim Philosophy offers realistic steps on how to keep those pounds off. The Diet Channel outlines similar strategies for weight maintenance but not the same. While it's not as easy as taking a pill, building healthy, lifelong habits can help keep you fit and trim for the best years of your life.