Does Circuit Training Exercise Burn Calories?

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There's no doubt that hydraulic circuit training health clubs are more popular than ever before. With over 10,000 of these gyms dotting the American landscape, men and women alike are finding circuit training exercise to be relatively easy and certainly effective.

The question is, however, just how effective is circuit training exercise equipment when it comes to burning calories? Will the average workout buff incinerate 200 calories in a typical 30-minute circuit workout? Is it 400? 600? More?

Like many things in life, there are no exact answers when it comes to this exercise program and caloric burn. The reason is that different people will achieve different results from the same workout. To confuse matters even more, the same person will realize better results one day than they do another day, even though they're using the exact same exercise machines for the exact same amount of time.

There are several reasons why this is so, some of which include:
* How hard you work / the effort you exert;
* The resistance settings on the machines;
* Your age;
* The amount of lean tissue (muscle) you have on your body;
* Hormone balance;
* Hydration levels;
* Does the workout contain enough cardio to elevate heart rate?


Even though it may seem like common sense, the first point to make is that for circuit training weight loss exercise to be effective, you must put in some serious effort. Of course, this is also true of any exercise program! As an example, let's take a look at cardio exercise in the form of running. A 165-pound person running at 5 mph for thirty minutes will burn 299 calories. That exact same person, running at 10 mph for thirty minutes, will consume 599 calories. The reward is directly related to the effort put forth. In this case, the number of calories burned more than doubles because the exertion is doubled. This principle is true whether we're talking about aerobic exercise or weight lifting exercises.


The underlying reality is that all weight training exercise machines are not created equal. Whether your goal is to exercise to lose weight or gain strength, the approach you take when resistance training has a direct relation to the number of calories you'll burn. As an example, let's consider our hypothetical 165-pound person again. When they resistance train moderately for thirty minutes, they can expect to burn about 112 calories. If, however, they resistance train vigorously for that same thirty minutes then their caloric burn will climb to 225. Again, the result more than doubles because the user has put in more effort.

If you're going to gain the maximum benefit from circuit training then it's important to hit the resistance portion of the workout with maximum effort. This means getting as many repetitions as possible (moving the exercise equipment quickly) and using the appropriate level of resistance.


The bottom line is that how many calories you burn while circuit training is primarily up to you. The benefit of exercise that many people are seeking is caloric reduction (fat loss), so it stands to reason that if you're going to work out it's a good idea to put in maximum effort. Vigorous exercise, as opposed to moderate exercise, will double your fat loss results. This is true of both cardiovascular exercise and resistance training.

The exciting feature of hydraulic circuit training is that this exercise program actually combines the two different types of workout, so you're getting your cardio and resistance training at the same time. By alternating between exercise machines and cardio stations, you maintain a constant elevated heart rate while at the same time working every single muscle group in the body. This 'double duty' workout serves to double your results, and it's one of the major reasons why hydraulic circuit training is so effective.


We know that you can burn from 299 to 599 calories in thirty minutes of aerobic exercise, and we also know that you can burn from 112 to 225 calories in thirty minutes of resistance training. Finally, we know that with the circuit training exercise routine you're getting both types of exercise at the same time. Therefore, it stands to reason that you could conceivably burn between 411 and 824 calories in a thirty-minute circuit training session.

That's why circuit training gym exercise works so incredibly well for those willing to exercise vigorously each and every time they enter the health club. It's also a strong argument for hydraulic circuit training in general, as opposed to other forms of exercise such as exercise bikes, exercise balls or exercise treadmills. To achieve a calorie burn this high, you simply must be engaging in both aerobic and resistance exercise at the same time.

It's easy to see why the best exercise tip is to take part in a regular exercise program on circuit training equipment. The proven caloric burn will bring you proven results.