Ouch! Do Staples In The Ears Really Help You Lose Weight?

by : teahupoo

Are you looking for a possible technique to help you in your weight loss quest? If you aren't averse to a little stick, as in needles, you may want to consider the relatively new technique of ear stapling. There is something to learn from people that have participated in this method as well as those who have opted not to.

Ear stapling is very closely related to the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture which has been around for thousands of years. The practice of acupuncture has become more popular and even sought after in western countries such as the U.S. in recent years. Applying the ear staples in certain areas where nerve endings exist and control particular functions can help to decrease stress, make you feel less hungry and for those who need to quit smoking can even lessen the desire to smoke.

Before I go on let me say that there are some who have had complications from the ear stapling process. Infections are the most common of the maladies which is no different than if one were to have their belly button, nose, or any other part of their anatomy pierced.

The process is done by certified professionals and in the case of having it done for weight loss it can be done for well under a hundred dollars. Just remember that you will also have to get them removed by an acupuncturist as well.

If you have a substantial amount of weight to lose it is recommended that you wear them for up to six months if it is your first time having the procedure done, and then have them taken out for a week or so. Afterwards, you may have them put back in for another set period of time which will be determined by the person who is doing the procedure with you.

According to sources we have seen, it is possible for a woman to lose as much as five pounds per week while men on average may be able to lose up to ten pounds per week. The chances for success are very high with as many as 95% of people trying the process being successful in their weight loss efforts.

For more detailed information about whether or not the ear stapling procedure may be appropriate for you, you should consult a professional acupuncturist specializing in these types of procedures. This isn't a magic bullet; you will still need to make some adjustments in diet and exercise to have the best chance for success.