Are You 1 Cheeseburger Away From Being Obese?

by : Medifast

I walk the streets of Chicago every day and see people eating fat food everywhere. Let's face it we just want to fill our bellies with good tasting satisfying foods. We eat food that is really not food at all but fatty foods full of "heart attack on a plate" so called nutrition.

Still people do it all day long every day of the year. Then you get sick and stay at home. We'll you stay and home and eat all kinds of processed and fatty foods.

I ate all these foods myself because I was nervous, and simply craving something else more positive in my life. I didn't get what I really craved for so I turned to food, pop, bear, pizza.

We all do this all the time. We use food as a crutch for something else missing in our lives. Silly thing, but its true... admit it. I have a friend who was up and down. He starved himself to keep his weight down. And it worked until he went home and started eating everything in sight but the kitchen sink. Admit it; you probably do the same thing. Fast, then "Chow Down".

Another thing I see all the time is in spring and early summer fat people in jogging suits trying to walk or run to try and lose weight. You've probably done this one or more times. Does it work? Hell NO! You go home and start drinking beer and eat your favorite pizza.

Nobody trusts diets anymore because most of them are hype and some even increase the risk for such serious health problems such as kidney and liver disorders, gout, coronary heat disease, diabetes, stoke and several types of cancer.

Today, 160,000 fast-food restaurants serve more than 50 million Americans daily. These businesses generate sales in excess of $65 billion annually.

Go see the movie "Super-Size Me". This is an eye opening glimpse of a man who ate nothing but McDonald's food for a month. It reveals the truth why Americans are so fat? This movie Super Size Me is a tongue in-cheek - 1 Cheeseburger Away From Being Fat -- look at the legal, financial and physical costs of America's hunger for fast food. "Super Size Me" focuses on its gimmick of Spurlock's diet, which is admittedly very compelling stuff and entertaining. Although it may seem like Spurlock doesn't offer solutions, the audience can figure them out on their own - we need to be more aware of what we're eating, make better food choices and eat reduced portions (if you're going to eat it, share it.) People can eat some fast food on occasion (I like pizza and fried rice here-and-there), but it can't become the majority of one's diet.

Don't worry... you know your fat but don't really care; I know I was there once too!