You Can Still Eat Healthy While Eating Out

by : imfh05

Many restaurants are now offering low carbohydrate items on their menus to accommodate patrons who are trying to lose weight. There is even a calorie count included on the menus.

Below are tips that will enable you to eat healthy while eating at your favorite restaurant.

If your meal includes salad dressing and sauces ask for them to be served on the side so you can control how much or how little you add to your food.

If you order grilled fish or chicken, ask that your food is grilled without butter or oil.

Tomato Based Sauces

When ordering pasta dishes, chose tomato based sauces over cream based sauces. Tomato based sauces are lower in fat and calories.

* Drink water
* Diet soda or
* Unsweetened tea

Instead of coffee or regular soda. If you do choose to have an alcoholic beverage that includes soda opt for diet soda.

Share Desserts

Share desserts and appetizers with your dinner guest. Eating only half the desert and appetizer means consuming half the calories.

If you want to order soup, keep in mind that cream-based soups are higher in fat and calories than other soups. Most soups are low in calories and can be a good appetizer replacement.

Order Steamed Vegetables

Order steamed vegetables as a side dish instead of:

* Rice
* Potatoes
* Other carbohydrates

If you order a baked potato, ask for salsa instead of:

* Sour cream
* Cheese
* Bacon

Salsa is low in calories and a healthy, tasty alternative.

Don't finish all your food. Many people force themselves to finish what is on their plate because they feel like they are wasting money. If that's the case, take it home with you and you can have it the next day for lunch.

When ordering sandwiches opt for mustard in place of mayonnaise, your food will still taste good but with fewer calories.

When you are choosing your side dish, opt for steamed vegetables or a potato in place of french fries. If your side choice is not listed, ask the server if you can substitute.

Bread and rolls are low in fat in calories, but the butter and oil increases fat and calories. So eat the bread and skip the butter.

Ask for olive oil instead of butter.

Whenever possible opt for foods that are made with whole grains such as brown rice.

Choose foods that are:

* Baked
* Grilled
* Broiled

These foods are generally lower in calories.

Don't deprive yourself of desert pick a low fat dessert such as:

* Frozen yogurt
* Fruits
* Sorbet

When you chose to eat a meal out to take a break from cooking, follow the tips listed above and won't be depriving yourself of good food. Remember, if you get full before finishing your meal, don't force yourself to eat everything on your plate. Take the rest home and make another meal out of the leftovers.