Isometric Exercise - An Article of Faith

by : isobreathing

A good weight loss exercise plan, like a good article, should stick to the basics: "Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?" The "lead-in" should catch the audience's attention, and the body should hold that attention, while being informative.

That said, would you be interested in a low-cost, low-impact weight loss exercise program that requires no trips to the gym, no recurring health club fees, and no trendy equipment; a program that provides demonstrable results in 4 to 7 days, and just keeps getting more effective as you go along; a plan that is completely under your control and involves no pain, soreness or stiffness; one with easy to follow techniques and lots of resources to guide you through all the steps, from beginner to advanced?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then read on.

* Who? Women from middle-age on, who need to lose anywhere from 10 pounds on up, and are looking for a simple, efficient, low-impact regimen that will provide quick and dramatic results. Age is not a factor in fitness. Whether you are 45 or 75, you can benefit from weight loss exercise.

* What? Isometric weight Loss exercise; a simple and proven low-impact system for reaching and maintaining your goals.

* When? 10 to 15 minutes a day for the isometric exercise component, and 5 or more opportunities per day to implement a specialized rhythmic breathing technique that compliments the exercise by facilitating blood-flow and increased oxygen distribution throughout the body. This breathing can be practiced at any time.

* Where? The isometric exercises can be performed anywhere in the privacy of your home. Most of the exercises can be done sitting in a chair or, depending on your needs and abilities, some exercises can be done standing or lying on the floor. The rhythmic breathing can be practiced virtually anywhere: sitting at your computer; watching TV; shopping; even stuck in traffic.

* Why? To fit a simple, effective exercise program into your busy day, and lose those unwanted and burdensome pounds and inches; to increase muscle strength, flexibility and vitality; to reduce mental stress, and to give you back lost self-confidence, and much of your wardrobe.

* How? Isometrics and breathing. Isometric exercise trainers and DVDs teach you all the exercises, breathing techniques and proper positioning to allow you to obtain results in the first week of the program. You will, in fact, start to feel changes in 4 to 7 days from commencing your new routine. The training leads you through the steps, from neophyte to expert. You control your own pace and resistance, so you never have to worry about pain, soreness, stiffness or "overdoing" it.

So what's the catch? That's the beauty of isometric weight loss exercise; there is no catch. Get yourself a trainer, a book or a video, learn the methods, find just 10 to 15 minutes in your day to perform the isometric exercises, have faith in yourself, and proceed to regain youthful vigor and improve your self-image. Stop counting calories, and start counting on yourself.