How A Chef Stays Slim While Around Food All Day

by : dorrie6061

My son went to culinary school to become a chef. Although he was excited about cooking for a living, he was worried about packing on extra pounds because as he put it, "None of my chef instructors look like they've missed any meals recently."

He has been out of school for a few years and not only hasn't gained any weight; he's slimmer than when he was in school. I asked him how he does it because he's not just around salads all day. He also makes breads, pastries, appetizers, pizzas, and main dish foods. It sounds like a recipe for weight gain, but it hasn't been a problem for him.

What is his secret? For him it's one word, exercise. Because he is around rich food all day long and know that not indulging in some of it is nearly impossible, he bought himself a bike and rides to and from work every day. The daily 10 mile bike ride is what helps him stay looking and feeling good.

He also seldom eats processed foods or junk food. He almost always eats freshly prepared foods, so even if he is eating a dessert he isn't eating a dessert full of preservatives or chemicals.

He also drinks a lot of water. While he's working he keeps a big cup of water nearby and says it is normal for him to drink two to three quarts of water during his shift at the restaurant.

He doesn't deny himself any food he wants. He eats what he is hungry for but stops when he is full. He does not stuff himself.

For those of us who are trying to lose excess weight and use excuses such as "It's too hard to lose weight because I'm around food all day either making a meal or giving a snack to my kids," that excuse sounds kind of lame when we hear about someone who cooks food all day and manages to stay healthy and fit.

My son follows a few simple guidelines to maintain his healthy lifestyle. They are:
plenty of exercise
eat freshly prepared foods, avoiding processed and junk foods as much as possible
drink lots of water
don't make any foods forbidden but also don't gorge on food; eat until satisfied but not stuffed

They sound like simple guidelines but many of us, myself included, don't follow them. We use our busy lives as an excuse to not exercise and eat healthy. My son works 60-70 hours a week but he has found a way to incorporate exercise into his life and to make healthy eating a priority. If I make it a priority I can do it too.