New Year Weight Loss

by : dawnrobertshaw

Have you over indulged this Christmas and are you regretting it? Did you ignore the diet and eat what you wanted and when? Do your clothes feel a bit tight around the waist? It could be time to start a new diet.

Millions of us have been overeating on all the wrong foods over the festive season;- mince pies, Christmas Cake, Yule log and not forgetting the different creams that we can pour over them without feeling guilty. How many parties did you go to and drink copious amounts of alcohol? Then when we get back to work and find ourselves taking the elevator to the office instead of the stairs because we just do not have the energy to walk we realise that we need to do something about that expanding waistline.

Getting back into shape is very hard after the festive season. You probably spent the whole time not worrying about what you were eating. But now you need to start thinking about it again.

Why Do You Want To Lose Weight? How much weight do you feel that you need to lose? Do you need to drop a few pounds so that the waistline on your clothes is not pinching you? My clothes are getting a bit tight around the waistline and I do not feel very comfortable in them at the moment. I have decided to start my New Year with a plan to lose weight and exercise.

Here is how you can do it too:-

*Set Yourself A Goal. Book yourself a holiday, that way you give yourself a target. I have booked my holiday for late summer so I know that I have 6 months to get back into shape. I want to look good on the beach and in the pool. I know that by the time that I go on holiday I will feel much better for having lost the weight.

*Do not weigh yourself every day. Weigh yourself once a week, at the same time and with the same amount of clothes on, (I tend to weigh myself without any clothes on and as soon as I jump out of bed in the morning). This is because your weight will fluctuate during the week dependent on how much you have you have eaten, how much fluid you have drunk or been to the bathroom and how much you have perspired.

*Eat Healthily. Make sure that you eat a low fat diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables; at least 5 servings a day

*Drink plenty of water. You also need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This will help to keep you hydrated and prevent you from getting headaches and feeling dizzy. I find that it helps to keep me feeling full longer and stops me from snacking.

*Drink alcohol in moderation. 1-2 glasses of wine is fine, but they do have calories in them and you will need to make sure that you add these onto your daily calorie intake.

*Exercise regularly. The weight will not stay off if you do not exercise. You do not have to join the gym, everybody can afford to exercise. If it is not too far to work, walk instead if taking the car. Walk the children to school or take the dog for a walk. Dance to some of your favourite music; borrow an exercise DVD from a friend and follow it; get yourself a skipping rope and go skipping in your back yard, the list is endless.

Remember: your body will only burn off the calories if you exercise regularly.