The Elusive Magic Diet Pill

by : kgmarkd

There is such an inherent quest for a quick solution for the excess fat we carry; the quest for the magical diet pill. It reminds me of a joke told of a quick-thinking old man from a far country, who visited New York City with his son. As they walked and marveled at the huge buildings, they wandered into a hotel lobby.

As they feasted their eyes on the marvels of modernity, the old man watched, pleasantly remembering his wife, as an elderly woman walked towards a wall and touched it with her fingers. The wall then parted and in there was a tiny room into which the woman slowly walked in. The wall then closed behind her.

The old man never batted an eye, as he watched the old woman get enclosed behind the wall. About two minutes later the walls opened again and alas! out springed a bubbly beautiful young woman. The old man aghast at the invention said to his son "Quick! Quick! Get your mother"

In a culture where you can buy pre-packaged food, microwave it in two minutes and have dinner on disposable utensils, it is probably difficult to understand why you just cannot pop a pill and lose weight.

Many looking to lose weight have the tendency of the old man who though the elevator was on age-reversal machine. We have so marveled at what modern science can do that we are on the look out for the magic pill.

Remember the infamous Phen-Fen? The Time magazine ran a feature story titled 'The Hot New Diet Pill' referencing the withdrawn Redux , the Fen end of the Phe-Fen disaster. It appeared in 'Allure' the women's magazine as well as Reader's Digest, the most read magazine. This probably shows just how ready we are to embrace the diet pill that will shrink us all, the generously endowed, into models.

But there is a big problem in developing this magic diet pill. This is because obesity is a problem caused by a number of factors in a complex interaction. For example, eating more calories result to weight gain, so does a sedentary lifestyle. Together, they cause the same problem from two different avenues.

If only the factors involved were two, a magic diet pill would probably be feasible; unfortunately there is even a bigger problem like lifestyle issues. Even Phen-Fen had to be combined with a diet and exercise regiment.

Apart from what you eat and how much you use your body, there is how you live. The choices you make as regards what you eat; when you eat; how much you eat etc, also contribute to obesity. Not to mention the scope of choice. You may want to eat healthy but are healthy choices available?

Since ultimately, weight loss and weight maintenance is a matter of lifestyle change; if they are able to make that diet pill, they should also make a millionaire pill. Who needs to acquire success habits when all you need is a capsule and a glass of water?