Quick Ways to Lose Weight

by : nurturelab

With so many diets and weight loss plans on the market, there are many quick ways to lose weight nowadays.

Among them, the South Beach Diet is one that has been gaining some attention. This diet focuses on the glycemic index where good carbs are separated from bad carbs, and bad fats from good fats. There are no calories to count. You eat until you are full, three times a day with two snacks in between. This diet works in phases where the first phase is extremely limited, followed by a second phase with the addition of good carbs, and finally the third phase which is a liberal maintenance plan.

Another diet, the Atkins Diet, is often confused with the South Beach Diet. However, these two ways to lose weight differ in many ways. In the Atkins diet, all carbs are limited. The aim is to consume as few carbs as possible. No protein or fat is limited. This diet has raised some eyebrows due to its lack of concern for saturated fats.

Then there is Nutrisystem, a complete eating plan where the food comes prepackaged in 4-week parcels. It focuses on the glycemic index, like the South Beach Diet, and offers a variety of foods you can choose from. All foods are instant, meaning that little preparation is required. Because everything is measured for you, this is an easier plan for those with portion control problems.

Another way to lose weight is through the Fat Loss for Idiots diet plan, where foods and types of calories consumed changes every few days. With a menu that constantly changes, you will be able to eat many kinds of foods. The logic behind this diet is swap the menu when your body becomes accustomed to one menu.

Still, other effective ways to lose weight include exercises and there are many exercise plans to choose from these days. You can opt for video and DVD programs like The Firm or Tae Bo. You can also take up classes or training programs at the gym. Results vary due to the individual effectiveness of each program and the way participants eat during the day.

Quick ways to lose weight also includes the Mediterranean Diet and the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle. In this type of diet, foods are rated as frequent, occasional and rare. Some foods are consumed everyday and with every meal while other foods are eaten once every few days. Then, there are foods that are consumed rarely. It is believed that the long lives of the Mediterranean people can be attributed to their diet.

Among ways to lose weight, one of the oldest diets is the low-calorie, low-fat diet. In such a diet, you are restricted to a certain number of calories per day, usually 1600 or less. Carbohydrates can be consumed regularly, while fat-free and low-fat foods are encouraged. The results of this type of diet is questionable as some claim that weight loss attained through this method may be loss of water and muscle.

As you can see, there are many quick ways to lose weight. The trick with any diet is to stick to it and to maintain weight loss at the end of the diet. A diet should be looked at as a lifelong plan. With any diet, weight loss cannot be permanent without some diligence on the part of the dieter. So decide on a plan, take action and stick with it!