The Dangers of Weight Loss Pills

by : yuushoji

There are so many weight loss products on the market, some prescriptions and other over the counter drugs that are supposed to help you lose weight. Often many of these products can actually have devastating effects on your health. Some medications can cause side effects such as stroke, heart attack, tachycardia, and in some extreme cases death. These side effects sound scary, but one may wonder how realistic these side effects are.

There are several different forms of diet pills. The two most popular forms of diet pills are appetite suppressants and stimulants. Both of these have been approved to aid in weight loss if the obesity is considered to be more dangerous than the effects of the drugs. If you are less than 30 pounds overweight things are much different then for those that are obese. Prescription medications are very regulated but over the counter medications have risks that have not been documented.

There are many requirements that are required out of pharmaceutical companies, which include tests and labeling, but weight loss supplements do not undergo the same requirements. They do not even have to be reviewed by the FDA if they do not have an ingredient that has not been used for weight loss before. The company that makes the drug is supposed to be responsible for the product, but many times they use unhealthy ingredients and dosages that are much too high.

Since not all over the counter weight loss medications are regulated you need to take precautions before you take them. You need to be sure that you research these medications. Find out the information about the active ingredient in the medication and find out what risks there are to keep in mind.

You should also be sure to take the time to talk new weight loss products with your doctor. Often these products can have a reaction with medications that you are already taking, so you want to be sure that you can take this new medication without any adverse effects. Also be sure that you follow the instructions and do not take more than is recommended even though it may be tempting.

You should never take weight loss medication long term unless it has been prescribed by your physician. Be sure to talk to your pharmacist or doctor to be sure there are no reactions with your current prescriptions or even other over the counter medications you may be taking.

Often the best defense may be not taking weight loss medications at all. There are many risks that have been associated with weight loss pills and it is not worth the risk of losing your health or your life to lose a little weight. If you want to lose weight talk to your doctor and come up with a plan that will help you lose weight in a healthy and safe way.