Easy Weight Loss - Is It Possible?

by : jayzn

Is it really possible for weight loss to be easy? In the face of media pressure for slimness and people struggling to lose weight, is it a reality that weight loss can be easy?

The diet industry portrays diets as a breeze, easy as pie, "just eat our lovely (and expensive) products and spend lots of money on our expensive products and you will be as skinny as the beanpole models who we use to advertise our product despite the fact they've never used them."

Yet in spite of this, most people feel that dieting is a struggle (struggling to lose weight), a battle (battling to lose weight), a fight (fighting to lose weight) and generally a hardship. And when it comes to hardships, we all want to avoid struggling, fighting, battling and suffering, don't we?

Easy weight loss is completely possible if you adopt the right mental attitude. Weight loss is all about having the right motivation, and what is motivation except powerful reasons for you to lose weight.

So, what are your personal reasons for losing weight?

Do you want to be thinner because your friends are? Do you want to lose weight because you feel people will like the thinner you more? Or perhaps you'll like yourself more? Do you want to be thinner for health reasons? For your kids? For your partner? For the hell of it?

There are many potential reasons for losing weight, and if your reasons are powerful and motivating enough there is absolutely nothing else you can do except lose weight easily. Talk to any successful dieter and they will have had very powerful reasons for losing weight; reasons that motivated them to achieve their weight goals. What are your personal reasons for losing weight? Have a think about your reasons now and decide if they are motivating enough.

You're probably wondering now what on earth is a right mental attitude for easy weight loss, so let me tell you now exactly what it is.

Number 1 : Have 100% belief that you can succeed. You would be really surprised to find how many people don't believe they can successfully diet and attain (and maintain) their desired target weight. Believe you can succeed, and believe it completely. Your beliefs create the world around you and whether you believe you can or can't, you're right.

Number 2 : Be realistic. It's lovely for us all to have those pleasant day dreams of supermodel thinness and superhero vitality, but be realistic on what you can actually achieve. Don't think you can magically lose a hundred pounds in a week ... it's not physically possible, and losing too much weight too rapidly is bad for your health. Be realistic about what you are aiming for and when you will have done it by.

Number 3 : Believe that you are a thinner person. People will have their identity tied up with their weight, and people will do almost anything to protect their identity, even kill. Is your identity one of a struggling dieter? Or an overweight person? Or a fat slob? What is your identity in relation to your weight? If it is negative and involves you being anything other than your target weight, then you need to change it!

Number 4 : Believe that you are worthy of being a thinner person. If you are caught up in self loathing and disliking yourself you may not think you are worth losing weight and looking fantastic at your ideal weight. You will find yourself struggling and sabotaging your efforts, so believe you are worthy of this succcess.

Number 5 : Now this is the one that eludes all but the most successful dieters. Take REGULAR and CONSISTENT action. That's all it takes to lose weight Easy weight loss comes from taking consistent action every single day both mentally and physically. Thinking you want to be thin whilst eating pizza in front of the TV isn't going to get you any thinner, no matter how much you focus your thoughts. You have to combine thought with action to create results.

So now you know how easy weight loss really is when you have the right mental attitude. Study these five keys and use them to make your weight loss easy.