Secret to Losing Weight

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Let's be real here, have you seen those promises of "10 minute workouts?" You know, the ones designed to strain your neck in hopes to bring in your gut. Do they really work? They probably do, IF you are willing to go through the agony to do it. And honestly, they do not work as fast as they should.

The problem is that most people, real people, after the first couple of days, quit because results are not instant, and they don't feel the benefit, just the soreness. This presents a major issue for those who really, and genuinely want to and flatten the abs.

Having sought out some of the greatest ab workouts of all time, nearly all of them leave a person devastatingly discouraged. There is not a single crunch, leg raise, or sit up that anatomically pulls in the stomach, and gives instantanious results. It's almost as if they are mocking the efforts of those of us who have the desire to slim down.

So instead of skimming off the top of the "most popular" I dedicated myself to research, trial and error to find the best abdominal exercise that blasted immediate results. I found it. Although the exercises have been around for a while, most people don't know about them, and are missing out on one of the best ab routines available.

In Only 5 Minutes a Day:

Doing this routine only takes an easy 5 minutes out of your day. Depending upon your schedule, you can do it directly in the morning, right after you wake up, or right before bed, so that your abs recover while you sleep.

Abdominal Muscles, since they are smaller than most other muscles in the body, don't need as much recovery time. Maybe, at max, 24 hours. So doing this routine every day, at the same time, is not going to do damage. However, the first couple of days, you may be too sore (sorry, but you probably will be) to do a second day in a row. If this is the case, that's ok, but kee trying and eventually work up to every day.

What are the exercises?

The exercises in this 5 minute routine are a series of static contracted holds. Since the abdominals are suppose to be contracted the majority of the time to help with posture, breathing, organ placement, and balance, static hold exercises actually mimic the abs' natural placement.

The plank, side-bridges, and stomach vacuum are the only abdominal exercises in this routine, and all of them deliver almost instant results. If you don't see, or feel it after the first workout, you will the second.

So Let's Get Started:

The Plank

The first exercise in this routine is called "The Plank". It's a fantastic strength, balance, and ab shrinking exercise that works the entire core.

Go down on your hands and knees, and then extend your body in a "push up" position. Keep your stomach in to your back as much as possible, your entire body straight, and hold for 1 minute (or as long as you can).

This trains your entire inner abdominal wall to stay in. This also helps with balance and posture. Make sure you're keeping your body straight, and breathe!

An alternate method to this workout is going on your elbows instead of your hands. It doesn't make it any easier on the abs, but it reduces some of the strain on the shoulders.

The Side-Bridge

Much like the plank, this exercise is done with the body at an angle. Only this time, you're on your side. This is a great all-round ab exercise that focuses mainly on the external and internal obliques.

Lay on your side. Placing your elbow below the shoulder. As if you're trying to stay directly to your side. Keeping your feet one on top of the other, lift your hip off of the ground, with your entire body rigid at an angle.

Place your other hand on your hip. You should be perfectly straight, one foot on the ground, and your elbow on the ground. Hold this position for one minute, or as long as you can.

You can also do this with your arm straight, the palm of your hand on the ground, but this is more difficult and should probably be worked up to.

Stomach Vacuum

This exercise is one of the best for slimming down the waistline, as well as flattening the stomach. It works a majority of the internal abdominal sections, so the organs are placed in their proper areas, as well as flattening the rectus abdominus

You can do this exercise standing, sitting, or lying on your stomach. But for now, I'll have you standing. Place your hands on your hips, and blow all the air out of your lungs. Expand your chest, and bring in your stomach as much as you can, and hold for as long as you can.

You're trying to touch your belly button to your spine. Work your way up to a minute.

And there you have it! My 5 minute workout! You may be thinking to yourself "That was less that 5 minutes" but I am incorporating the amount of rest you will need in between each exercise.

To benefit even greater, try working up to where you can repeat the process (making it a 10 minute workout), and you'll definitely see results. Good luck!