Treadmill Buying Tips

by : flashni

Every buyer wants to know the Consumer Reports treadmill Best Buy. Consumer Reports is perhaps the most respected of consumer product testing organizations due to their independent and nonprofit status and their expert testing. Their consumer report rating treadmills can be found in publication and online at

Consumer Reports grades on an overall score to determine its Best treadmill and also suggests four treadmill Best Buy models that combine good value with quality.

The Best Treadmill For You

With product information, tips on buying, and a discussion on testing results, Consumer Reports most recent treadmill rating in January 2005 tested 22 treadmills from about 16 manufacturers, including Proform, Nordic Track, Weslo, and Image, all Icon Health and Fitness Companies, as well as Landice, True, Precor, Horizon, Life Fitness, Vision Fitness, Schwinn, Smooth Fitness, Keys Fitness, Trimline, Spirit, and Nautilus.

Consumer Reports does not break down its treadmill reports by price range, as is often the case in other organizations' reviews, so their Best treadmill, at almost $3000, is not likely to be the best treadmill for you, but they do suggest four Best Buys, all in the $1300-1800 price range. Ratings are provided for all tested models, however, and that's where you should begin.

A cautionary note: Consumer Reports was disappointed in the number of machines that had problems in this treadmill rating--an ominous change from their last treadmill reports in February 2004. With the exception of higher-priced models with the kind of warranties you should expect, they recommend an extended warranty. That's something they almost never do.