Holistic Medicine to Help You Stop Smoking

by : scubaman

Holistic medicine draws on a comprehensive mind/body approach to healing which is particularly relevant to stopping smoking. Smoking is a habit that involves your thought processes, beliefs, emotions, and daily behaviors in addition to the physical component of nicotine addiction. It therefore makes sense to utilize quitting strategies that incorporate these different aspects of your habit, in order to successfully overcome it once and for all.

Herbal formulas to help stop smoking have been found useful by many people and are gaining popularity as an alternative to quitting "cold turkey" or using nicotine replacement therapies (NRT's) that can prolong the amount of time your body requires the drug. Herbs can function in a variety of ways to help overcome your addiction, including:

-mimicking the effects of nicotine, so you are not aware of its absence
-making cigarettes taste bad, so you no longer want to smoke
-calming your nerves, so you do not feel the need to smoke
-cleansing and detoxifying your system, often visibly, so you no longer want to put poisons into your body

Stop smoking remedies using herbs are also available in a variety of forms, including teas, capsules, and patches similar to the more commonly known nicotine patch. Patches are especially convenient due to their consistent delivery of smoking cessation ingredients, protecting you against cravings and helping you resist temptation throughout the day.

It is important to remember that although herbal treatments are "natural" this does not guarantee their safety, so these products should be used under the direction of a qualified practitioner. Herbs can also interfere with other medications so if you are combining approaches, do so with caution and the advice of a medical professional.

Other holistic strategies that can help you stop smoking include acupressure, meditation and yoga, or the use of any deep relaxation technique. Addressing your underlying reasons for smoking such as stress and boredom will make your quitting process easier and more effective, so investigate your smoking habit and come up with a plan for quitting that approaches it from all angles.

Finding your way to better health using holistic medicine will help you overcome unhealthy habits and addictions such as smoking, and teach you strategies for creating a better quality of life in general. Explore your options in holistic health to help you stop smoking as part of your personalized quitting plan. There are many books and websites devoted to the subject, so do a little research to discover the products and services that might be the most beneficial for you and start taking steps towards an addiction-free future today.