Rising Gas Prices and Sports Cars

by : teahupoo

There are many sports car lovers who are afraid that they will soon go the way of the dinosaur because of high fuel prices and the advances in performance technology that is enabling family sedans to compete with sports cars in quickness. While it does seem that there has been somewhat of a decline in sports cars along with increased sales of SUVs some of the current developments tell me that the vehicles we love are not going to be around in large numbers but they will still be around.

Back in the day, muscle cars ruled in the performance realm and regular sedans and trucks couldn't keep up. SUVs didn't even exist. Now with the innovations in design and engine performance and the light weight materials being used automakers are getting superior results out of smaller engines. In addition normal production vehicles now handle as good as a race car.

Some of the other issues that are causing the decline in the numbers of sports cars seen on the road include comfort and affordability. Sports cars in the truest sense are not built for comfort, they are built for speed and long road trips are no fun. The larger cars of today that still offer a sporty ride give you the best of both worlds. As far as the affordability issue goes, it is quite simple most families are just unable to afford the expense of having a car just for fun. People these days have to make use of their cars on a daily basis as it has become cost prohibitive to keep one around just as a hobby or weekend car.

In the beginning cars were used as sport, for racing across country in rallies and contests. It wasn't until much later that they became mainstream everyday drivers.

Some good news for the high end sports car market is that there are several companies that are beginning production of hybrid or electric sports cars. Some of the top companies like Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and Mitsubishi are working on bringing them to the open market.

The most promising one that I have seen as a true sports car in terms of performance and the fact that it is a two seater is the new totally electric roadster from Tesla Motors, a company backed by the founders of Google and Paypal. The car does 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds and it runs on laptop batteries!