How To Keep The Pump From Robbing You Dry

by : teahupoo

It is no secret that gas prices today are sky high and unfortunately there is no hope of them falling down soon. We must take action, as consumers, so that we are not robbed dry at the pump. The following are several pieces advice on how to conserve your fuel, so you will make fewer trips to the pump.

First, use the proper octane fuel recommended for your vehicle. Higher number octane's require more resources to manufacture, cost more, and may not improve the performance of your car if it is not designed for it.

Secondly, always maintain your tires. Keep your tires inflated to the proper pressure, and make sure they are wearing evenly. Align, balance and rotate your tires as needed. One under inflated tire can cause more gasoline usage. Check your tires at least once a month. It is important to check your tires when they are cold, otherwise you will not get a proper measurement.

Change your oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles. The oil filter removes dirt and particles from the engine so that the parts are able to move more freely. Old oil gets less slippery and doesn't lubricate as well. Well-lubricated engine parts require less fuel to run and create less pollution.

Make sure you change the air filter at the manufacturers recommended intervals. A new air filter allows more clean air to get in the engine, allowing it to burn more efficiently.

Similarly, make sure your spark plugs are firing properly. Spark plugs ignite gasoline in the engine. If they are not firing properly, gasoline flow through the engine unburned is wasted.

Another way to conserve fuel is to remove non-essential weight from your car. Do not carry items that you do not need in your car. The more weight causes your car to use more fuel.

It is important to not leave your vehicle idling for extended periods of time. For example, if traffic is stopped for more than five minutes, turn off your engine. Likewise, if you see that a drive-through line looks longer than a minute or two, park you vehicle and go into the restaurant.

Refrain from revving your engine. Revving the engine only wastes gasoline. Today's vehicles are manufactured so that you do not have to rev nor "warm up" the engine.

It is important to replace tailgates on pick-up trucks. Tailgates produce air resistance and can decrease fuel efficiency. Therefore, replace a built-in tailgate with a mesh net tailgate.

Finally, in order to reduce your vehicles fuel consumption, it is important to maintain your vehicle with regular tune-ups.