Indian Traffic: Conjested but Unique

by : tapan

If you happen to visit a website for information on the from India, you'll be amazed by the fact that in a country, where congestion is the second name for traffic, how can there be a launch of new car almost everyday? Yes, it's true! The Indian traffic news in terms of crimes and accidents may not sound too rosy but the situation is exactly opposite in terms of new vehicles being launched in the country with much fanfare.

Be it the four-wheeler segment or the two wheeler segment, the Indian market for automobiles is red hot these days. The congestion on the Indian roads is going nowhere but the Indian motorists have learned to live with the mad rush and road rage. Everyone understands that the mind-boggling population of the country would never allow the roads to rest even for a while. On the contrary, people are enjoying the fast pace of life with little time to complain and grumble. The government, on its part, is doing its bit to ease the congestion. At the end of the day, it's not easy to manage such a vast road network in the country.

If you happen to make a research on Indian roads, make sure you are completely shut off from the world traffic news because you won't find any similarity in the content. won't match with London traffic news and the latest Mumbai traffic news would present an entirely different picture from Washington traffic news. The disparity is due to huge geo-socio-political gulf between India and the rest of the world.

There is much more to India than the maddening rush on the roads. The culture and heritage of the country is a good bargain any day for a little bit of travel inconvenience.