Road rage - A reminiscent of Stone Age culture

by : parthiv

Now days, every now & often, we learn about accidents and other clashes and murders on the road purely for not any self-purpose but it's a fit case of road Rage. Every Urban people is Living under some stress and High depression level. So, kindly, keep your Medical records straight and regularly check your pressure and tolerance level to save yourself from any unwanted problems on the road eve

Therefore, actually it is citizens of India that is truly responsible for their own pathetic situations on our Metro City road. In-fact, we are most ignorant towards our fundamental rights of getting the Minimum possible civil rights of Traveling on Accidents free and other Hassle free metro city Road. However, we take it as it is. We Indians never strive hard to get the due from the government that we Choose after every five or six years. Unless we show interest and take sometime out from our busy schedule for Our Local cause, social cause and most importantly national cause things are not going to change anymore. The best example is Bangalore , recently Times now , a media partner has organized a Conclave Of wise & intellectuals people from the City of Bangalore to ponder over the ways to improve the life & lifestyle in the city of Bangalore and its basic infrastructure . Next day, Karnataka Chief Minster has announced a team of wise man to suggest & monitor the progress towards Beautification & Improvement of Bangalore city, under the able and most efficient leadership of Mr. Narayanmurthy, The Pioneer of infosys.

There must be a centralized agency to keep records of all the accidents occurred on the road for its study, analysis and developing the remedy measures to help stop the future similar type of mishap and accidental deaths.

If we can make traffic laws and awareness programme a mandatory lesson from the High school syllabus so that From the Beginning when a Child starts to have urge to learn driving , he or she must understand and practice the smaller finer points of driving . This is the right way to make the awareness programme among the future drivers successful as its result will come at later stage but it is sure it will achieve its objective.

So we must say that road rage is a reminiscent of Stone Age culture. We have to come together to completely abolish this Road rage cases. We must ashamed of this Road rage cases, which is against the humanity and the civilized Culture. Arrogance is not the solution to any of the problems rather it compounds the problem in More than single ways.