2007 Lamborghini Murcielago Review

by : CraigRad

A century-old tradition in bullfighting is to spare the life of a bull which shows outstanding courage in the arena. Such a bull was Murcielago, The Bat, spared by a famous matador after a breathtaking fight in the arena of Cordoba, some 130 years ago.

Much like the bull that gave it its name, the Lamborghini Murcielago belongs to a special breed of cars. With its 6,5 liter V12 engine, 640 BHP, an amazing 665 Nm torque and permanent 4-wheel drive, nothing can stand in it's way. 3,4 seconds is all it needs to get to 100 km/h, and if you keep your foot on the gas pedal, it will not stop until you reach a mind-blowing 340 km/h.

But this power comes at a price. The massive 12-cylinder engine requires an average of 21,3 l/100 km, and the car's fuel tank can carry (only!) 100 liters.

This 2-door, 2 seats coupe with a mid-mounted engine follows the traditional design successfully applied by Lamborghini for more than three decades. The gear box placed in front of the engine, the permanent four-wheel drive, along with the integration into the engine unit of the rear differential, are but a few of the advantages of such a displacement which result in an optimal weight distribution, 58% rear and 42% front, with positive effects on the car's handling, braking and traction.

The security of the car is ensured by the carbon fiber body, with steel doors and roof, and a tubular frame made from high-strength steel alloy with carbon fiber structural parts. The stopping power is ensured by power vacuum, aluminum alloy calipers (8 pistons front calipers and 4-pistons rear calipers), ventilated discs, and optional carbon-ceramic brakes, with 6 pistons break calipers (front-rear).

The interior aims for functionality, and lacks any useless or distracting elements. The optional equipment includes an "Interior Carbon Package", where the cover for the driver side display, dashboard cover, handbrake lever, armrest frame, gear lever cover, the air conditioning and radio covers are made entirely from carbon fibre, offering those really demanding customers an extra air of class.

Unlike the older models, the Murcielago brings a touch of practicality through it's design, which allows for more control over the car; however, the rear visibility remains poor.

Its name refers to a bull and a bat, but the Murcielago encompasses their features and beyond; the interior is reasonably comfortable for an exotic car, capable of going 300+ km/h. Used to its full potential, this car can provide one of the most thrilling sensations a driver will ever experience.

Its unique design ensures that it will stay in vogue for a long time. It is precisely the type of car which will keep Lamborghini among the world's top manufacturers, in showrooms, publications and, best of all, in the hearts of the customers.