Amtrak Car Moving Is Ideal For Classic, Vintage Car Transport

by : ilaviny

Classic and vintage car owners often find themselves hard-pressed to decide how to handle a cross-country move with their baby in tow. Fear of allowing someone else to move the vehicle is only topped by concerns over driving it themselves, facing road hazards along the way. Amtrak car moving is a great solution to both problems.

Providing a way for classic and vintage car transport to include professional assistance and enclosed carriers, Amtrak car moving eliminates a lot of worry. At the same time, since the owner of the classic or vintage car is along for the transport, there`s no fear of having to be too far away from the car during the long trek.

Amtrak car moving operates out of two stations along the eastern seaboard only, so it won`t be a solution for everyone. However if a move to the southeast from the northeast, or vice versa, is on tap, this is ideal for classic, vintage car transport. The train company`s two stations of call for this service are found in Lorton, Virginia, which is near D.C., and Sandford, Florida, which is very close to Orlando and Daytona. It`s also a stone`s throw to almost any destination in the Sunshine State.

The benefits of Amtrak car moving for classic, vintage car transport are many. Topping the list, of course, is the fact the car is enclosed and isn`t facing wear and tear while the owner can be accommodated in style onboard the train. The wear and tear issues involved in long treks are the number one concern most classic, vintage car owners harbor, making transport a necessity in many cases.

Next on the list is the fact that Amtrak car moving enables those who are moving to pack their cars pretty tightly with items they`d like along for the ride. While they won`t be able to access them during the trip, important papers, clothes, immediately needed household goods and so on, can all be stowed within the vehicle for fast access upon arrival. While Amtrak car shipping doesn`t allow for storage of items outside the vehicle during transport, i.e., on luggage racks or bike racks, this likely won`t be a concern for a classic or vintage car transport job.

Even as Amtrak car moving enables a virtually pain-free way to enjoy classic, vintage car transport, there are some other perks for those riding along. Inside the train, passengers can enjoy great dining, fantastic scenery and even onboard entertainment during the haul. This provides for a great way to relax prior to having to deal with all the unpacking. The total trip generally takes just under 17 hours, which beats the travel time on the road and removes the headaches involved in air travel, too.

Due to its limited stations of call, Amtrak car shipping won`t be for everyone, but for those needing classic, vintage car transport to or from the northeast from the southeast, it`s a great alternative that can cut miles and miles off a trip for the car and driver.