Valentines Day Ideas for Her Romantic

by : Victoria

Valentine Special

On 14 of February, we celebrate Valentine's Days in the name of love and romance. Flowers and romantic gifts are exchanged between loved ones in an effort to show their affections for each other. Receiving a Valentine's Day gift is a magical experience. Here are some romantic Valentine Day ideas for her.

Valentines Day Ideas for Her Romantic


1) Cook for Her
If you want to have a romantic day, you should start by cooking her favourite meal, a dinner for two. The colour, flavour and s mell of the food play an important part in a successful romantic meal. Valentine dinners should be special. Choose your sweetie's favourite foods and surprise her with a wonderful romantic meal and a special table set for two. Use your most delicate china and crystal. A few candles, a small bowl of fresh flowers, some heart shape cookies, and a bottle of wine or champagne will complete the atmosphere.

2) Decorate her Room
On Valentine's Day, decorations speak from the heart for you! So all you have to do this Valentine's Day is to make the ambiance irresistibly romantic and set the decorations to be warm, snug and lovely. Valentine's Day decorations can be done with flowers, ribbons, candies or just with paper and cloth. So make sure you have lots of red, crimson or pink around.

3) Sprinkle Rose Petals
If you want to spend this day at home, you can sprinkle rose petals around the house. Place heart-shape candles around your home to create the right mood. Buy her flowers. Most preferred on this day are roses, especially the red ones. Red roses can mean a lot of things. They say everything from courage to respect, but around this time of year they mean one thing - sincere love. Other times of the year, a single red rose will do the trick, but play it safe with a dozen on Valentine's Day.

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4) Hide love letters
Write a bunch of love letters and stash them in places your mate typically looks. I love you is a powerful phrase and saying I love you is a big step in any relationship. Learn the right time to say I love you and give yourself the best chance of hearing 'I love you too!'

5) Get her a Gift
As a gift, you can buy her perfume or even lingerie. But if you only buy her lingerie she will think that the only thing you want from her is making love. In that case, don't forget about flowers or sweets for your sweetheart.

6) Jewellery is always a favourite for woman. 
You can buy her some diamonds, earrings, or just a heart-shaped locket and put a picture of yourself in it. Personalize the locket with your loved one's initials so she'll have something to wear that's hers alone. 

Wherever you choose to spend this beautiful day with your partner, remember to make her feel special, to create that magical atmosphere, a day that she'll never forget. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!