Different Types of Kisses

by : Kelvin Ng

Kissing Meaning

Kissing adds a 'magical' factor to a relationship! A great kiss can easily make people dizzy with desire! Here are a step-by-step guide into the intricacies of kissing and find out some of the kisses you may have been missing out!

The Most Popular & Famous
11 Different Types of Kisses


1) The Butterfly Flutter 
Place your eye within a breath of your partner's cheek. Open and shut your eyelids against her skin. While doing so, lightly peck her petal lips but keep in mind to match this flutter sensation on her cheek with that in her heart!

2) The Earlobe Lap 
The ear is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Tease her into a giggle and you will know you are striking all the right chords. Do exercise good control so as to avoid loud slurping noises, which can be rather embarrassing —especially when the ear is also a sensitized sound detector.

3) The French Kiss
Some call this 'The Soul Kiss' because the life and soul are thought to pass through the mouth's breath in the exchange across tongues. Surprisingly, the French call this 'The English Kiss'!

4) The Nip Kiss 
This has to be done carefully but when done correctly, it has a wonderful effect on your partner. Gently bite the lips while suck kissing, but be gentle enough as not to harm your partner. However, only do so only to partners you know really well as you do not want to shock him/her.

5) The Surprise Kiss 
Organise a group date/gathering and have them gather in a circle. Play a party game of passing a playing card from mouth to mouth from a distance enough to require a party to lean forward. If the pass is successful, you will be left feeling pleasantly light headed. If the pass is unsuccessful, the card will slip, leaving your lips pressed to those of your unsuspecting neighbor. (Feel free to pretend you're having trouble mastering the technique when you are passing it to someone you'd like to kiss.)

Types of Kisses

6) The Suspenseful Kiss 
The type which has a long build-up and your partner is kept guessing when you will lean over to kiss … this method fans the interest and strokes the desires.

7) The Talking Kiss 
Lean close, so close that both your lips are almost touching and speak softly to her. Sweet nothings whispered into the mouth are sweeter than those whispered into the ear!

8) The Trade-Off Kiss 
One of you takes a mint and the other a cinnamon candy. Do an exchange while in the midst of a passionate French kiss. You will have great fun while honing your chemistry.

9) The Underwater Kiss 
Have your partner hold his/her breath underwater in a pool and when he or she taps you, it is a signal to give them air. High difficulty, require much practice.

10) The Vacuum Kiss 
The Vacuum Kiss is a playful kiss, performed by 'sucking inward deeply as though you were trying to suck out air from your partner.' However, take care not to separate your mouths suddenly, or the loud smack will startle others nearby. Instead, gently loosen a corner of your mouth to release the air, such that only a faint hissing sound may be heard.

11) The Goodbye Kiss 
Basically, it expresses a certain degree of reluctance during your last kiss of the night so that your partner will feel thoroughly loved and treasured at the end of the day.

These are the 11 most popular different types of kisses.