How to Have a Healthy Relationship

by : Victoria

How to Have a Healthy Relationship

Trust, Honesty, Respect, Communication & Loyalty are all key ingredients to a healthy relationship, but it's something that many people struggle with. At its core, love is a decision to be committed to another person. Here are ways to have a healthy relationship and have her fall in love with you again and again and again. 

Whether you are in a stable relationship or in a relationship that is on rocky ground, these five tips will make the most of your relationships. 

How to Have a Healthy Relationship

1) Keeping an eye on time
Did you know that relationships suffer from not enough contact as well as too much contact between partners? The key to creating a healthy relationship is in finding the balance of time spent together. Too much contact and this breeds relationship dependency, where either partner may rely too heavily on the other for more than mutual companionship. 

Too little contact and relationships can suffer from lack of contact which leaves very little in the room for real, true intimacy between partners. Now that is not to say that each individual in the relationship should not be allowed their own space to grow, but rather that each party involved should contribute the same time and energy necessary to create a more well rounded relationship unit.

2) Accept you partner for who they are!
And not for whom you think they should be. Learn to enjoy each others differences. Normally, we subconsciously bring into our lives a partner who has different personality traits as they compliment and add depth to our own character. Remember, your partner will not match your personality exactly. Regrettably, many individuals have a habit of thinking that their partner is to become as they are. Keep in mind that the differences that may have first attracted us to each other may later become a focus of conflict. Learn to accept your partner and their uniqueness for who they really are, and not impose your idea of what they should be for you.

3) Treat your partner with same respect as your friends. 
It's ironic that we more often than not treat our partners with less respect and patience than we do our friends. Certainly this is not intended, and usually occurs without any knowledge of wrong doing what so ever. We would never dream of making our girlfriends upset that she hasn't called you, or neglected to pay you attention. We would not ever mention to the guys that we were not happy with something they may have said or done. 

It seems that all too often when we get caught up in a relationship, some individuals overlook or disregard their partner as their most intimate and closest ally. Consider the event of a friend making a funny fool of themselves at a party, lampshade and all, more than likely we would enjoy the presentation while possibly making a mental note to tease them about it when we next see them. On the other hand, if it is our partner, who wears the lampshade, we may become angry or upset with them as such an example. Of course this is a mere example. However, now that the point has been brought to our attention, we can openly admit that our expectations for our partners and other acquaintances are very much different.

Relationship helps

4) Practice fair and controlled arguments. 
Arguments are a natural part of any relationship. It is important to keep these arguments in perspective and fair. Forget the name calling and the accusations, we may be able to apologize sincerely for the things we might say in an argument, but we cannot un-hear the things that we have heard. True or not, those words said in an argument have a way of hurting. 

Another important tip to note is to keep the argument on topic. You will definitely not resolve anything if you get off track. And try to remember that not all arguments have a winner and a loser. Sometimes it's better to agree to not agree, and just leave it alone. To continue to argue for arguments sake is pointless, and you should refrain from doing so. 

You can learn to argue fairly and effectively. It will be tremendously valuable when dealing with your next feuding crisis.

5) Relationship counselor services
Marriage guidance counselors or relationship coaches are helpful when your relationship is in trouble. Keep in mind that committing to a relationship indicates that a relationship has a good chance of survival. In fact, one of the best relationship tips you will ever receive is that of seeking advice from a trained professional if your relationship is troubled. Relationship counselors offer professional and experienced knowledge as well as the skills to aid you in improving your relationship, rather than telling you how to live you life in a relationship. Of course, there is more to know than just these few relationship tips, you will find the help advice needed to apply to your personal relationship when counseling with a trained professional relationship coach.

These are the 5 ways on How to Have a Healthy Relationship.