The gay community find love and friendship online

by : Jim Mackey

Datingin the 21st century has changed quite a bit in just the past 5 years or so. Oneof the most common ways of finding a mate is through online dating websites.Online dating is popular because of the ease of use and the selection ofquality people. One of the great aspects of online dating is that many sitescater to alternative lifestyles. Gay or lesbian individuals can now easily findsomeone without having to attend special events or go to gay bars. Onlinedating has opened up a whole new world for these people.

Onthe internet there are literally millions of dating sites; most of which are ofmediocre to poor quality. Traditional dating sites rely on a database of peoplein a geographical area which have filled out a profile and uploaded a picture.This tactic is called the picture and profile strategy. Better quality siteshave dating coaches, instant response tools and lengthy profile matchingprocesses. Gay and lesbian dating sites offer more features and tools thantraditional dating sites. These sites are not just for dating but for communitybuilding and networking as well.

Awebsite called is one such example of the community aspect of gaydating. The website is centered around the concept of finding a date but offersmuch more. There are many different options for gay individuals to network.Finding a local community of gay individuals can be difficult in the real worldbut with the help of members can find other in their town forfriendship or work related purposes.

Thesite also has many forums and online chat features which help members easilyfind information based on topic or chat instantly with other members aboutthose topics. also has sections dedicated to news, fashion, music,style and job hunting. The job hunting features of this website areparticularly interesting since discrimination against gay people does exist inthe real world. Members can find “gay friendly" employers based upon theirparticular geographic location. is open to all sexual preferences fromgay, lesbian, bisexualScience Articles, transgendered and even straight people.

Anothergreat gay dating website is called is centeredmore on dating than community building but offers some great features as well.The site has thousands of profiles to choose from. The site emphasizes that allmembers upload current pictures of themselves which is nice because all toooften in the online dating world do people tell little white lies aboutthemselves. The site is completely free unless you want to contact someone.This is great because it lets the user get a true feel of the website beforethey have to pay a membership fee. This site is strictly for gay individuals.There are no straight members unlike

Gayand lesbian online dating is really no different than straight online dating.Straight dating sites could actually learn a thing or two from gay dating sitessuch as adding the community aspect into the layout.