The Marriage Made In Heaven became Hell (and back again)

by : Donna Colter

Have you ever heard of a marriage like this? Well, you know that I know that you know someone like this. Read on.....

Have you ever heard the story about Miss I Wish Now that married Mr. If Only Someday? Well, I Wish and If Only met one day and fell in love. They both had wonderful and lofty dreams. They just knew they had a future together! They were energized and life was lively and interesting and they shared many an intimate dance in a star-studded night.

After they were married, the years passed and Mr and Mrs Someday had their family. The first of their children was Whiney. Whiney beaks off all the time in the most irritating voice until he gets angry at the whole world! Angry is the next child. Boy, he is a number! It's very hard to be around him because you never know when he will blow up or what he's angry at! Some think that Whiney and Angry are twins because they both get whiney and angry interchangably! Angry followed right on the heals of Whiney but it's obvious to one and all they sure share the same gene pool!Next was our little (ahem,) "accidents". Along came Forget It and right after that was indeed the twins. Forget it would just like to do just that so she always tries to disappear but you can NEVER take a snapshot of our family dynamics without her because she's there every time! She never misses.

The twins I Will When & Later are who we hear from the most often. Endlessly, those two girls seem to have the most dreams of anybody, but they are always in the future for some reason. Can you imagine? The dreams never materialize! It's all too easy to ignore the twins and their constant dreams. They really should have been named Good Intentions But, and Never Made It . How can you tell they look like their Mother I Wish?I Wish and If Only still love each other but realize they have lost their dreams, their energy, and their hope is dwindling. Their household is a cacaphony of anger, whines, wishes and regrets. They need help! One day, they found out that they could get some help to change their perspectives. They had to be willing to work hard, make a committment to change, and work on new habits all the time. They knew they could only achieve change if they had help from the coaching fairy!They were approved for adoption by the coaching fairy, and the whole family has changed with the arrival of Loving Care and Fun & Laughter. These coaches are a delight to have in the home and everyone has first hand experience at learning and understanding that we CAN change and that love comes in many ways for each of us - toward each other and for ourselves as well. You can only imagine at this point what this incredible changing has done for our family.

With the adoption of such special coaches, we have changed our family name to The Happys! If Only and I Wish became I Will and I'm Accountable and became the leading parents they needed to be. Whiney and Angry changed their names to Joyful and Content and it's a joy to be in their presence. Forget It became Forget Me Not, and she takes all the family pictures now and her spirit is a welcome addition to every family gathering. The twins I Will When and Later became quite accomplished citizens in their lifetime as Abundance and Goal Getter. The only way to describe this family now is the powerful Happys!If any of these original family members found a place in your heartHealth Fitness Articles, you may need the coach fairy in your life. Just a sprinkle of fairy dust makes a difference and the bottle is always full.