What you need to know about Parking at Manchester Airport

by : Craigwalker

If you travel regularly on a flight from Manchester International Airport you will get used to the various options for parking your car and where to get the best deals. If you don't fly from Manchester regularly then you could fall into the pitfalls that many people do and pay more than you need to for your parking

By pre-booking your car parking before you arrive at Manchester Airport you will usually get the best rates and have peace of mind knowing that even if the car park is full you will still get in.

There are quite a few car park companies that operate around Manchester Airport and in most cases provide a free shuttle service to and from the terminal buildings. Choosing the best car park could depend on the direction you are travelling from. There is no point in driving past a car park to drive further to get to another one.

The most convenient option is to book a meet and greet service with your parking. This will mean you and your party will be met and taken to the car park without having to wait on anyone else. As soon as you arrive at the front of the terminal you will be taken to the car park to collect your car. This service costs a bit more but for some people it is more than worth it.

You can treat your car whilst you are away as most of the car parks can arrange to have your car washed or even a full valet. If some instances you can have your car fully serviced whilst you are away. Simply ask about the services before you arrive as you may have to book in advance.

Manchester Airport also has parking facilities next to the airport terminal buildings. The prices tend to be higher but do offer the convenience of being near the airport. The airport car parks are secure and your car should be perfectly safe. It is advisable to pre-book before you arrive to make sure the car park is not full.

The car park company will need to keep hold of your car key in order that they can move your vehicle if it is in the way and to have it ready for you upon your return. Don't worry about leaving office or your home key simply remove them from your key ring and leave them you car key.

Planning ahead will enable you to get the best prices and plan the best route to the car park of your choice. Don't forget to allow sufficient time to get to the car park and to allow enough time for the shuttle bus to take you to Manchester airport in time for your flight. If you are going to get your car a valet get it booked in advance as well.