Utilizing A Safe Travel Guide For Your Travel Benefit

by : Jamesredder

To make travel more enjoyable and less stressful (owing to how often things go wrong) it is often a good idea to re-iterate a few simple rules that can help prevent disaster. These things can often ruin a vacation and leave a bad taste in the mouth for a particular location; they can even be expensive! Nobody wants to spend time in a Police station while they are on vacation, much less being too afraid to go out. It is easy to drop your guard when you are on vacation and enjoying yourself but this is when you are most vulnerable so traveling safely relies on your common sense to guide you.

No matter what the situation is, trust what your instincts tell you as they are very rarely wrong. It is a common mistake for many travelers to carry all of their valuables with them in the belief they are safer, this could not be further from the truth. Expensive and necessary items like identification tickets for example should be left at the hotel in their safe or the room safe if you have one; it is much easier to recover your vacation if you only lose a few important belongings instead of all of them.

A handy tip is to place a small amount of money in a number of locations like bags or pockets then if you happen to lose a bag, visa card or money, you will still have something there to keep you going until it can be resolved.

Many couples who have not adopted the travel safely ethos will have 2 credit cards, both accessing the same account; it is much easier to use two cards, each accessing separate accounts so if one is lost or stolen, there is a backup. A big thing now is bag and camera snatching from people strolling along, often in the road and unaware of the potential danger so make sure you wear the backpack on your back and sling your camera over your head and shoulder.

Don't make it easy for them when you walk around by having bags and other valuable objects attached to straps next to the road where it is a simple matter for thieves on bikes to just grab at or cut the straps with a knife. The reason most people fall for these tricks is because we are more relaxed on vacation and the people that carry out these crimes are very good at it.

It is often our arrogance that lets us become victims of theft and other deceptions because we do not believe that anyone will pull the wool over our eyes but this is how the criminals earn their living. If you carry a bag of any kind, buy yourself a small padlock or combination lock as the few dollars you spend will be well worth it as it will deter the majority of sneak thieves. To prevent you losing your keys, trying using a small D-Shackle, like they use in rock climbing and while it doesn't lock it acts as a deterrent for unwanted hands getting into your bag.

Most guys (and some girls) will place their wallets in the back pocket of their jeans or shorts making them an easy target for pick pockets; so change your habit and place wallets in the front pockets or perhaps buy a bum bag or money belt. Many of the problems outlined above happen only when people let their guard down; traveling safely does not mean you have to be paranoid, just prepared and use common sense and you will have an enjoyable vacation.