Natural and Man-made Beauties for Reykjavik, Iceland

by : Bjorn Olav Jonsson

Being the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik has always been the centre of attraction in the small but beautiful country situated just below Arctic Circle. No doubt, Reykjavik has handled its reputation well not only by natural beauty but also by its man-made marvels. Following are some natural and man-made beauties situated in Reykjavik.

Arbaer Open-air museum: this open-air folk museum is the biggest open-air museum in Iceland. It showcases the history of Reykjavik and Iceland right from its first day to its latest day. It comprises more than 27 buildings.

The old town of Reykjavik: this part of the city is the perfect place for spending your evening in the most romantic way. It looks best while the sun is setting as the tin houses in this area seem like glowing. There are many world-class restaurants and night-clubs in this area.

The Municipal Art Museum: this museum is the perfect place to witness a wide array of modern and ancient Icelandic as well as foreign art. This museum also includes Asmundur Sveinsson Sculpture Museum, the Kjarval collection, the Erro collection, the architectural museum and the Reykjavik municipal museum. This building is also used to organize exhibitions, concerts, lectures and many other cultural and festive shows.

The Church of Hallgrimur: this church is known as the most controversial building of Iceland. It was named after renowned Icelandic poet Hallgrimur Petursson. Its height is 72 meters and its steeple rises over all other buildings. It has enough space to accommodate more than 1000 people while prayer. It is also installed with the statue of Viking who is said to have discovered America Leifur Eiriksson.

Sundlaugar Reykjavikur: just outside Reykjavik, this place is famous as it is a volcanically heated swimming pool. It is a most important part of the lives of the Icelandic people. It is suitable to come in any and every season.

Mount Esja: this mountain is located just outside Reykjavik and is very popular for its views of Reykjavik from its top. The climbing is very easy as Mount Esja is not that steep and that's why trekking can be done very easily.

Lake Tjornin: this lake is situated in the centre of Reykjavik. It is famous as a paradise for the bird-lovers as it is full of arctic birds. Mainly in spring season, this place is full of Arctic Terns and other species of birds returning for the summer.

Videy Island: Videy island is situated in north of Reykjavik just around five minutes boat trips from mainland. It is a wild island full of birds and flowers. This island remained untouched till 1940 and only here you can find Videyjarstofa. It is the oldest building of Iceland made of stone which was built for high sheriffs in 1752. Situated there is also a church from that same era, displaying some unique sculpture by Sir Richard Serra.

The perlan: how can this place be left out when talking about famous places of Reykjavik. This is Reykjavik's most popular attraction. It is a modern-design multi-utility building which is serving as an observatory, restaurant, and conference centre and tourist attraction. You can see breath-taking views of Reykjavik from a revolving restaurant which is situated on four tanks which contains hot water to be used by citizens. Other than this restaurant, there is a great cafe house also.