Map of Bulgaria Snapshot of Bulgaria

by : Nancy Eben

Bulgaria is a beautiful country located in the Eastern Europe on the western side of the black sea. The country is located in such a way that it is surrounded by Romania to the north, Greece to the south, Serbia to the North West, the Republic of Macedonia to the South west and Turkey to the south east. Since Bulgaria is close to Turkish straits means the key land routes from Middle East to Europe and Asia pass through Bulgaria.
Bulgaria is a very lovely country you are locked in magnetism once you see the sheer beauty of this country. If you study the Bulgaria map then reaching there can be easy by flight.The national carrier of Bulgaria, Bulgaria air is a very sophisticated and traditional airliner. Giving out the customs and traditions of Bulgaria, the airliner has tremendous potential to capture the market floating from Bulgarian tourists. While buses and trains are the easiest way to get to Bulgaria from Europe and Turkey with also frequent services from Greece, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Albania, Istanbul, Prague and Western Europe.

Attractions in Bulgaria

&bullThere are many attractions in Bulgaria that are fascinating aspects like the Dead Sea an ideal destination for people in summers. People can soak up the sun and enjoy the azure blue water of the sea. As well as the mountains such as Pirin, Rila, Balkan and Rodopa are the winter destinations but can still be visited in summers as the proper hill destination.
&bullYou can also go to the capital Sofia and enjoy while seeing all the tourists attractions by seeing there. For example St. Alexander Nevski, the central universal shop and the parliament.
&bullPlovdiv is a renowned city and dotted with Roman theatre serving as a background.
&bullEvery traveler should visit Rila Monastery it is a state of the art beauty. The northern sides of Bulgaria are dominated with rich agricultural fields. That looks very picturesque.
&bullWhile in the northern side of Bulgaria you can see the old capital of Bulgaria that is Veliko Tarnovo which is a must sight to visit if you are exploring the historical aspects of Bulgaria.
&bullRozhen Monastery: There is bus service from Melnik then about 800m walk to reach Rozhen village. The tourists visiting hours are 07:00 to 21:00.This top of hill monastery was constructed during the 13th century but most of the monastery was completed during the 18th century. People here seek for solace and peace that is barely found in today's cities.

Map of Bulgaria signifies geographically Bulgaria signifies remarkable variety in terms of landscape some part is covered with snow capped peaks especially in Rila, Pirin and the Balkan Mountains to the Mediterranean and sunny black sea coast.